Feds Indict Satanic Death Cult Posing as White Nationalist Group “Atomwaffen” for “Domestic Terrorism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2020

Feds show Atomwaffen posters while announcing the arrest of members of the group for charges they call “domestic terrorism.”

Members of Atomwaffen were indicted by the feds today, with the feds claiming they are “neo-Nazi,” “White Supremacist,” etc.

In fact, Atomwaffen is not a political group at all. They are a satanic death cult. Their members are also members of a group called “the Order of Nine Angles,” which is a satanist group that promotes pretending to be involved in radical politics for the purpose of committing violence in the name of Satan in order to gain satanic powers.

“O9A” was founded by a British man, David Myatt, who converted to Islam as a way to promote satanic terrorism. Myatt was believed to be working for the British intelligence services. He was also considered the ideological inspiration for Combat 18, a neo-Nazi terrorist group that many believe was MI-6 honeypot and front group like Atomwaffen. British intelligence has a long tradition of using satanist figures in their operations, going back at least to Aleister Crowley.

Atomwaffen overlaps with a group called “Tempel ov Blood,” which is the openly satanic arm of the group. Atomwaffen itself vaguely attempts to put up the outward face of being political rather than satanic. Tempel ov Blood has published several books about satanic ritual magic, including a book called “Liber 333,” which claims it has the goal of “reaching those few adepts who are willing to go beyond all limits – in search of a truly demonic awakening.” They’ve also published a book called “Iron Gates,” which is a novel about a post-apocalyptic future where demon-possessed cannibals rule a wasteland and torture people and ritually murder babies. Members of Atomwaffen have said this is the future they want to create by triggering a nuclear war. The name “Atomwaffen” means “atomic weapon,” and they are obsessed with nuclear power, often planning to blow up nuclear power plants.

The fact that Atomwaffen members are all satanists has all been fully revealed through leaks from the Atomwaffen Discord, as well as public posts by members of the group. Their own webpage, which is now defunct, was promoting literature saying to pretend to be a neo-Nazi to do violent acts in the name of Satan. Atomwaffen sacrifices animals and literally kills neighborhood cats.

Typical Atomwaffen social media post
Typical Atomwaffen social media post
Typical Atomwaffen social media post
Typical Atomwaffen social media post
Typical Atomwaffen social media post

This all sounds goofy and dumb and made up, I’m sure, but it’s all very well documented. You can read the Kiwi Farms thread on the group, which documents most of this, and includes actual members of the group admitting to being satanists.

University of Alabama political science professor George Hawley, author of Making Sense of the Alt-Right and the only single honest academic who has ever written on the far-right in America, said in a 2018 speech that Atomwaffen is a satanic death cult openly planning terrorism and mused that it was a mystery why they weren’t all arrested.

Atomwaffen member posts a picture of his fat girlfriend whose ass he scratched up on Kiwi Farms.

Atomwaffen was formed on a forum called Iron March, which was run by an Uzbek man who hated Russians and openly supported Chechen terrorism against Russia. That forum was shut down by the FSB in I believe 2016. Atomwaffen then moved to Discord, a chat platform which has been celebrated by the Anti-Defamation League for sending all private information of users to them.

Atomwaffen was casually planning terrorist attacks on Discord starting all the way back in 2017. This was after they had been responsible for the deaths of no less than five people. One of their members was a Moslem, because the Order of Nine Angles doctrine also says people should become Moslems so they can commit acts of violence for Satan, and killed two of his roommates. Another member killed his gay Jewish lover. Another killed his girlfriend’s parents. And they killed another one of their own members.

Devon Arthurs, Atomwaffen member and satanic Islamist

Even after all of this, the feds allowed them to openly plan to build bombs and blow up nuclear power plants on Discord. The chats were all published, but no one was arrested. It was obvious that they were controlled by feds then. I do not call people feds lightly, but when you are killing people and openly planning terrorist attacks – and that information is public – and no one gets arrested, there is no other explanation than that you are a fed group. Furthermore, the group’s alleged leader, John Cameron Denton AKA “Rape” had stated publicly that he would be happy to work with the FBI.

He also had sex with a Mexican tranny, and based on chat logs, it appeared that several other members of the group did as well. Satanists have an obsession with gay sex.

John Cameron Denton, (former?) leader of Atomwaffen and a man who does anal with trannies. He was arrested this week for swatting.
The tranny in question

Then earlier this year, “The Base,” which is a rebranding of Atomwaffen, which was needed by them after I publicly called them out as a satanic cult that was clearly controlled by the feds, was recently exposed as being run by Rinaldo Nazzaro, a former CIA agent who to this very day has a CAGE Code (a permit for federal government contracting). He runs a private intelligence group that has contracts with the federal government. And he allegedly lives in Russia.

Rinaldo Nazzaro, former CIA agent. current CAGE Code possessing government intelligence contractor, and leader of satanic “white supremacist” terrorist group Atomwaffen/”The Base”

Nazzaro bought land in Oregon for the group to use for military style terrorist training. The group also engaged in satanic ritual animal sacrifice while at their terrorist training sessions.

“The Base” (Atomwaffen) members at a terrorist training session they organized on the internet. The person in the center is holding up the head of a goat they sacrificed in a satanic ritual during the terrorist training.

This stuff regarding “The Base” – which again, is the same thing as Atomwaffen – came out after several members of the group were arrested by the feds while traveling to the Virginia gun rally to stage a terrorist attack. What it looks like to me is that some agents wanted them to go through with this, but others arrested them before that could happen.

With all of this information I just relayed public, the Justice Department is going after these people, arresting them and saying it proves the threat of white supremacy.


An East Valley man was arrested for his alleged role in a neo-Nazi conspiracy to threaten journalists and activists, authorities said Wednesday.

Johnny Roman Garza, 20, was among four people in four states accused of conspiring to intimidate journalists who are Jewish or people of color, according to the Department of Justice.

“These defendants sought to spread fear and terror with threats delivered to the doorstep of those who are critical of their activities,” U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran for the Western District of Washington said in a press release.

“As Attorney General William Barr has made clear, rooting out anti-Semitic hate and threats of violence and vigorously prosecuting those responsible are top priorities for the Department of Justice.”

Cameron Brandon Shea, 24, of Redmond, Washington; Kaleb Cole, 24, of Montgomery, Texas; and Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, 20, of Spring Hill, Florida, were also arrested in the case.

They are connected to Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi hate group, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said the group mailed posters with threatening images, including Nazi symbols, to targeted journalists.

A magazine journalist in Phoenix was among those targeted, according to the Department of Justice.

Today’s announcement serves as a warning to anyone who intends to use violence as intimidation or coercion to further their ideology that the FBI remains steadfast in our commitment to protect Americans from domestic terrorism,” Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Jill Sanborn said in the release.

There you have it.

“Domestic terrorism.”

Something which has repeatedly been confirmed to not be a thing in America.

However, a satanic cult run by a former CIA agent who currently has a CAGE Code just made it a thing by spending years publicly planning terrorism before the DoJ finally decided to make a move.

None of the media reporting on this today is saying that this is a satanic cult. They are all saying “neo-Nazi” and “white supremacist.” The New York Times’ 1,200-word report doesn’t bother to mention any of what I’m laying out here. They do list the charges.

The “leader” of the group (he’s not actually the leader, as stated, the leader is a CIA agent with a CAGE Code) was arrested and charged in an unbelievable number of swatting cases.

New York Times:

In the Virginia case, prosecutors accused John Cameron Denton, 26, whom they described as a former Atomwaffen leader, of harassment through a tactic known as “swatting” — calling the police and falsely describing an imminent threat at a specific location, causing the authorities to respond in force.

In one instance, prosecutors said, Mr. Denton targeted an investigative journalist at ProPublica because he was angry that the news organization had named him in its reporting on Atomwaffen. In other cases in 2018 and 2019, Mr. Denton and others placed swatting calls that targeted Old Dominion University and Alfred Street Baptist Church, prosecutors said.

According to a person familiar with the investigation who was not authorized to speak publicly, Kirstjen Nielsen, then the secretary of homeland security, was the cabinet official targeted by Atomwaffen. In January 2019, the police responded to her home in Alexandria, Va., after a swatting call.

Last month, prosecutors said, Mr. Denton met with an undercover F.B.I. agent and described his efforts.

“Denton said that if he was ‘raided’ for swatting ProPublica then it would be good for Atomwaffen Division because the swatting would be seen as a top-tier crime,” Jonathan Myles Lund, an F.B.I. agent, wrote in an affidavit. The affidavit named 134 law enforcement agencies that investigators believe received swatting calls from Mr. Denton and others.

Authorities said Mr. Denton operated with others, including two foreign nationals who live outside the United States, and another man, John William Kirby Kelley, who was arrested earlier and accused of playing a role in the swatting incidents. Mr. Kelley was a student at Old Dominion University.

In Seattle on Wednesday, prosecutors unsealed a conspiracy charge against Kaleb James Cole, 24, a leader of Atomwaffen’s chapter in Washington, accusing him of sending threatening mail and cyberstalking.

So Denton has been swatting people for years. But they’re just now getting around to arresting him. I’ve listened to interviews with this guy, and gotten into a back and forth with him on Gab when that was still a thing, and I can tell you, he’s a real dumbass. There is no way it took them this long to track him down when he was swatting people. Also note that none of the swattings – which according to the DOJ include 134 swattings of LE agencies – were ever reported by the media.

It is so obvious that he thought he was protected by the FBI in acting this way. And he might well be. He might have the charges dropped while everyone else goes down. Although they don’t hesitate to send their own informants to prison.

This is all just so painfully obvious: this group was set up, designed to attract anti-social lunatics – most of them teenagers and/or clinically mentally ill – and make them think it was just fine to openly plan terrorism on public internet forums. The feds then allowed them to keep doing that for YEARS with no consequences. Now they’re arresting them and saying “OMG LOOK AT WHAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING, NOW WE HAVE TO HAVE DOMESTIC TERRORISM LAWS IN AMERICA.”

This is all so sloppy and retarded. But it doesn’t even matter. Because you’re not going to see it laid out ANYWHERE other than right here. And in order to figure it out on your own, you would have to look at all of the details, and no one is really going to do that. So feds can just get away with setting up their own fake terrorist group and then using it to usher in completely new standards of thought crime.

The reason that they made it a satanic death cult pretending to be a neo-Nazi group is that people who actually believe in neo-Nazism are ultra-autistic and ideological. I am not a neo-Nazi and I think it’s dumb and weird, but actual neo-Nazis (to the extent that such a thing even exists) would not be stupid enough to openly plan terrorism on a Discord server. In order to get people to start making bombs in their garage and telling people on the internet about how they’re going to use them to blow up nuclear power plants, you have to pull in a whole other type of retard. And satanism was the easiest way for them to do that, apparently.

Just try and grasp the psychology of someone who sees this poster and thinks “that looks like a group I’d like to be a part of!” This is just feds preying on victims of child sex abuse and single motherhood.

You need actual retards to join, because you have to arrest people and send them to prison for this whole scheme to work. So you can’t just have a bunch of federal informants pretending to be neo-Nazis. You have to use the informants – and in the case of the leader of the group, a literal CIA agent – to set up the retards to go to prison.

Now, with this new precedent created, this is going to expand rapidly to include all sorts of other people, who they will accuse of being like Atomwaffen.

An Even Bigger Picture

Someone needs to figure out what the hell is going on here. Because these people calling for all of this “domestic terrorism” stuff – which ultimately means just arresting anyone who criticizes the Jews – are talking about Atomwaffen almost exclusively.

They are also alleging a global white supremacist conspiracy, that involves – wait for it – Azov Battalion in the Ukraine, a group that was literally created by the US State Department to fight Russians.

There was even a former Israeli Defense Forces agent running the group that became Azov back in 2014. Because of course, right?

I recently reported on the Jew Congressman Max Rose, who is at the forefront of the push to create domestic terrorism laws, and his entire presentation is about Atomwaffen and Azov, from which he creates a kook conspiracy theory about an international neo-Nazi movement.

At the same time, they are saying that this CIA agent – WHO HAS A CAGE CODE – that runs Atomwaffen is in Russia and is actually linked to Vladimir Putin somehow. Even though the purpose of Azov is to murder Russians in the Ukraine.

For the record, Russian media claims that Azov is also a satanic cult and engaged in death and torture rituals in the Ukraine. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that is true of Atomwaffen, so I would certainly not be surprised if it was true of Azov.

The other main Congressman calling for domestic terrorism laws is the Jew Adam Schiff. This is the guy who goes up there and talks about how it is our sacred duty to send military aid to the Ukraine.

A huge portion of that money goes to Azov, which Schiff claims is part of the international white supremacy conspiracy, which requires the government to enact “domestic terrorism” laws that will allow for people to be surveilled as potential terrorists on a massive scale if they criticize the Jews.

Until 2018, Azov was directly funded by the US government, but now they just give military aid to the Ukrainian government generally, and that money is then used to arm and train Azov. The US military was also involved in training Azov, and presumably still is.

So basically, every single part of this whole thing is set up by the government in order to justify these laws. And again: none of it could possibly be any more obvious than it is, but apparently it just doesn’t matter, because the media doesn’t report on any of it.

Someone needs to figure out what the hell is going on with all of this.


Why am I the only one writing about this? Why is no one figuring out the rest of the details here?

What it looks like is the CIA/FBI are planning to use Atomwaffen/”The Base” to commit a real act of terrorism, at which point they will link it to Azov and this CIA agent in Russia, then officially pass domestic terrorism laws, which will be used to charge everyone talking about Jews on the internet as being part of a global white supremacist conspiracy. It will also be used to further demonize Russia, of course, and create a whole new narrative about how Russians are funding terrorism in America.

Maybe if we can talk more about this we can stop it from happening.

But of course, we don’t have any ability to reach into the mainstream anymore, because we’ve been so heavily censored.

Please spread this article around as much as you can. People need to know about this. It is important. Here is an archive.is link to this article that you can share on social media (our domain is blocked from being shared).