Charlottesville: Feds Indict Four Members of RAM for “Conspiracy to Riot” Based on Antifa Blog Posts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

The Rise Above Movement (RAM) is an de facto pro-white men’s club which focuses on self-improvement through physical fitness and ridding oneself of vices.

I say they are “de facto” pro-white, because the pro-white factor is just a result of the encouragement of positive moral values and male-bonding activities. You can’t really do that without also being pro-white.

They do MMA, they get their members off of drugs, they condemn pornography – healthy living, just as we promote here on the Daily Stormer.

As you can see in this video, none of them are actually in as good a shape as I am, but they are certainly trying.

Seriously, watch that – that is their 2 minute promo.

This is what I’m trying to say: their focus is not political, but if you asked them, they would say “yeah, of course we’re pro-white” – because they are masculine men who believe in the metaphysical ideal, and there is no room in the metaphysical ideal for nonwhites.

Jews hate this sort of thing.

It is actually their worst nightmare, to have white identity politics associated with healthy living, morality and fitness. They want it associated with costumed fat guys in trailer parks fucking their mother-in-laws.

Anyway, a couple of these guys went to Charlottesville on that infamous day in August of 2017.

And all of the sudden, over a year later, the Department of Justice has indicted them on federal charges of “conspiracy to riot.”

The reason?

Because the kikes of “ProPublica” did a PBS Frontline documentary on them, and demanded action from the kikes at the Department of Justice.

And, you know – gotta get some “white supremacist” bullshit in the headlines before the midterms.

The Huffington Post chooses to describe the situation thusly:

Federal authorities in Virginia have arrested several individuals in connection with the violence in Charlottesville in August 2017, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

Four men were slapped with federal conspiracy charges related to the rallies on Aug. 11 and 12: Cole Evan White, Benjamin Drake Daley, Michael Paul Miselis and Thomas Walter Gillen, each identified as marchers in either the torch rally on campus or the deadly gathering at the park the next day.

The federal rioting charges, filed on Aug. 27, 2018, were unsealed on Tuesday. A criminal complaint filed against the four defendants features images of them engaged in violence during “Unite the Right” weekend. According to an affidavit unsealed Tuesday, the four men were “among the most violent individuals present in Charlottesville” last year.

All four defendants are from California and are part of a violent white supremacist group called the Rise Above Movement (RAM), as first documented by ProPublica and “Frontline.”

But wait – you haven’t heard the best part: the criminal complaint by the FBI literally copy-and-pastes from an antifa blog, (misspelled “” in the indictment, possibly so no one would look it up, and possibly out of sloppiness) – in its “probable cause” section.

“We know there is probable cause here, because we read on a terrorist website that they are bad people.”

This is the blog that is from – it is the basis of the ProPublica documentary and the Federal indictment.

This same antifa blog that has called for violence, constantly, openly, shamelessly.

It is the blog of the Antifa group, noCARA (Northern California Anti-Racist Action), which has repeatedly engaged in violent attacks all throughout California. On the very same website that the indictment quotes from, they brag about attacking the Golden State Skinheads with knives in Sacramento in 2016.

This same website – QUOTED DIRECTLY IN A FEDERAL INDICTMENT – has in its “resources” section a guide for a “security culture” for terrorist organizations.

From that:

Just let this sink in for a moment:

The FBI is using an open terrorist organization as a source to build a case against a MMA club.

The affidavit further shows pictures of those who are being indicted – screenshots – claiming that they were violent at Charlottesville. Well, they were trying to get the fuck out of the place, and they got attacked. That is what happened. We have all the video of that.

But that is a completely separate issue anyway, because this is the FBI indicting them, not the state of Virginia – the charge is that they traveled from California to start a riot, and the basis of that is that they engage in MMA training and antifa blogs say they are bad people.

Here’s the full criminal complaint, filed by one Dino Cappuzzo, FBI Task Force Officer

Someone needs to do some “open source research” into Dino Cappuzzo.

Who is this guy, that is reading antifa blogs and using them to promote the prosecution of MMA clubs?

Oh and by the way – a Jewish Virginia federal judge signed off on this. The same Jew who is in charge of the rest of the Charlottesville witch hunts.

What is ProPublica?

This is what they state their mission as:

But as you can easily gather from simply looking at their homepage, ProPublica is a doxing group, that puts together crowdsourced antifa data and uses it to get people fired from their jobs and/or prosecuted for non-existent crimes.

They have tens of millions of dollars worth of funding from various Jews, mainly from Wall Street firms.

Seriously – not Jewish journalists and/or Jewish academics, but literal Jew venture capitalists run this multimillion dollar antifa doxing site.

Just go look at their “Leadership” section.

Jewish bankers using the “moral force” of journalism to expose the government… by getting MMA groups done-up on absurd fake charges in order to send a chilling effect and meddle in the 2018 midterms by getting Charlottesville back in the headlines.

These are big Jews, and they aired this documentary on PBS on August 12th, and by August 26th, Dino had put together this shoddy dox file with antifa copy-paste as a criminal complaint.

Then Rod Rosenstein’s DoJ decides to drop it as an October surprise.

So just to be clear here, you have a chain of Jewish groups pushing this up the ladder:

  1. Jew Antifa terrorists dox guys on a blog
  2. Jewish bankers posing as a government watchdog group collect and organize the dox data
  3. Jews make a Jewish documentary based on said dox data
  4. Jew FBI writes up absurd copy-paste criminal complaint
  5. Jewish federal judge signs off on absurd FBI affidavit
  6. Jew DoJ indicts four guys on nonsensical charges
  7. Jew media promotes the indictment to bring back the specter of Charlottesville before the midterms

But I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

Mr. President:

Your own supporters are being attacked by departments that you run – for the purpose of harming you.

This situation is officially completely out of control.

We see your Tweets, we hear your speeches about clearing out the lingering stench.

And yet, it continues to linger.

Make a move, Mr. President.