Feds File Charges Against Pennsylvania Sheriff Who Threatened to Arrest Guy Who Made Fun of Him on Facebook

Oh, so it’s illegal to arrest people for criticizing you on the internet?

What about Ricky Vaughn?

Penn Live:

Federal investigators have filed a civil rights violation charge against a Pennsylvania police chief whom they say threatened to arrest a critic over that person’s social media posts that blasted the chief and his department.

Brian Buglio, 45, who heads the West Hazleton force, was charged following an investigation by the FBI’s Public Corruption Task Force, Acting U.S. Attorney Bruce Brandler said Friday.

Buglio already has a tentative deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to the charge and resign as police chief, court filings show.

Brandler said Buglio is accused of threatening to file criminal charges against the critic in retaliation for the person’s less than flattering Facebook posts. That was an attempt to stifle the critic’s free speech rights, investigators claim in documents filed in U.S. Middle District Court in Scranton.

The threat was made after Buglio summoned the critic to a meeting regarding the person’s Facebook posts in March 2020, investigators contend. Court filings state that the critic agreed stop targeting Buglio and the department online and the two shook hands on the deal at the end of the meeting.

The count filed against Buglio carries a penalty of up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

The entire federal government is threatening to arrest people for making fun of Democrats, and they have begun to do that.

Ricky Vaughn was arrested for making fun of Democrats.

The “911 commission style” investigation of the January 6 protests at the Capitol is designed to allow the mass arrest of people who made fun of Democrats. Yes, that failed due to the filibuster, but it is going to come back in some form (or they will abolish the filibuster).

The feds claiming to be the protectors of internet free speech is the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet.

The feds are the real joke police, and they are not monkeying around.

AOC sent the cops to the house of someone who criticized her on the internet and there have been no charges against her or the cops involved.

If the feds are arresting cops for violating free speech, why not arrest the Capitol Police and the California Highway Patrol involved in harassing Human Rights Watch Watcher?

There is no evidence there is even an investigation into AOC sending the cops after an internet critic.

Why not?

Is it because the cops were defending the Jews?