Federal Reserve is Attempting to Sabotage the Economy with Aggressive Interest Rate Hikes

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2018

The Federal Reserve and other central banks are at the very heart of Jewish usury.

The Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world are nothing more than Jewish usury scams. They create money out of nothing on computers and allow banks to loan out multiple times the amount of assets they have on the books. And on these loans, banks are allowed to charge borrowers immense sums of interest. They are even allowed to use the money they create out of thin air to buy government bonds.

This entire Jewish system should be abolished because it is ultimately designed to keep governments in perpetual debt. This fraudulent system is the reason why almost every government in the world has substantial amounts of debt. Governments have abdicated their responsibility to provide their citizenry with debt free money and have effectively sold their people into debt slavery.

One of the primary tools used by the central banks to manipulate the monetary system is the interest rate they set to determine how much it costs for financial institutions to lend to one another. One of the key rates the Fed sets within this category is the Fed Funds Rate.

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, the Fed has been aggressively increasing this interest rate. The timing is quite interesting since throughout Barack Obama’s eight years, the Fed kept this rate at close to zero percent. By increasing it, they are attempting to restrict the monetary supply and limit borrowing. In other words, they are undercutting the economic gains Trump has made with the tax cut bill, protective tariffs and his executive action on deregulation.

Trump lashed out at the Fed after news broke that they were thinking about doing yet another interest rate hike.

While it is true that the zero percent interest rate has been an extreme historical anomaly, the Fed is being overly aggressive in unwinding it. We saw a similar situation happen in the 1920s when the Fed aggressively increased interest rates prior to the Great Depression of the 1930s. They even kept the money supply tight after the big stock market crash in 1929 which further exacerbated the problem. But instead of the Fed getting blamed for creating the crisis, blame was deflected on to protective tariffs and other extraneous factors.

It almost feels as though a repeat of this narrative is being set up. The Fed is going to tighten the money supply by increasing interest rates and the Jewish media will blame Trump’s tariffs and economic policies for any crisis that emerges. And considering that the United States government is over $22 trillion in debt, these interest rate hikes make the interest payments on the national debt even more costly to the taxpayer.

This insane situation is why the Federal Reserve and all these central banks need to be abolished. They’re independent entities with far too much power over the world economy. There is literally no reason for these institutions to exist. Governments can create their own debt free money. There is no reason for sovereign entities to borrow money from an outside institution while paying interest for the “privilege” of doing so.