Federal Government Gives Minnesota Somalians $300,000 Not to Join ISIS

Daily Stormer
March 13, 2016

The federal government has taken to bribing Minnesota Somalians not to join ISIS.

If you don’t want these innocents to kill you, goyim, you’re going to have to pay them money.


Six organizations that work with Somali youth in Minnesota have been awarded $300,000 in grants as part of a federal pilot project designed to combat terrorism, the nonprofit group that is administering the funds announced Thursday.

The grant recipients include a youth sports group, a program that empowers Somali parents, an organization that plans to enhance youth employment opportunities and a group that addresses mental health issues for refugees. An additional $100,000 has been set aside to help with technical assistance, professional development and other resources with the goal of keeping the programs going on their own in the future.

Logically, we should be asking ourselves what the hell these people are even doing in our country in the first place.