Federal Court Rejects Biden’s Arguments for Brutal Vax Mandate

You look around, and all of the infrastructure exists for a totally totalitarian, tyrannical control grid. There is no way that these maniacs are going to let a court order stop them.

The Bidens are already just telling people to go ahead and disregard the court and follow the mandate. That might not have legal weight, but the implication for businesses is if they don’t do this, they will be punished later.


A US federal appeals court has again ruled against President Joe Biden’s national vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more workers, shredding the policy as “staggeringly overbroad” and an abuse of “extraordinary power.”

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stark rebuke to Biden’s vaccine requirement for larger American companies in a ruling on Friday, stating that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – the federal agency tapped to enforce the mandate – was not created to “make sweeping pronouncements on matters of public health affecting every member of society in the profoundest of ways.”

“The mandate is staggeringly overbroad,” Judge Kurt Engelhardt said, noting that it does not take into account the diversity of workplaces across the country, nor the fact that Covid-19 “is more dangerous to some employees than to other employees.” As an example, he compared a hypothetical 28-year-old truck driver who works in isolation to a “62-year-old prison janitor” employed in more cramped conditions.

“One constant remains – the mandate fails almost completely to address, or even respond to, much of this reality and common sense.”

The Biden administration initially announced the requirement in September, with OSHA following up earlier this month with an emergency order to enforce the mandate. The agency will require all workers at firms with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by early next year, or else test for the virus regularly and wear masks at all times while working.

The appeals court issued its first stay on November 6 after a litany of plaintiffs – including a number of companies and several US states – challenged the move, conducting an expedited judicial review. Friday’s ruling reaffirmed the pause, telling OSHA to “take no steps to implement or enforce the mandate until further court order.” Despite the first stay, the White House has continued to urge businesses to follow the vaccine dictate and effectively ignore the ruling, potentially setting up a battle in the Supreme Court.

Yeah, that’ll be neat.

The Supreme Court has thus far given the Bidens everything they’ve asked for – to the point where it looks like they’re being directly threatened.

I continue to frame the issue thusly: since this virus hoax began, we have witnessed a transition from a relatively free and open society into a totalitarian and tyrannical system. You still have these remnants of the old system that exist and pop up, but they’re like pieces of skin sticking to the body of someone who has suffered serious burns – you touch them, and they just slide off.

The point is: there is no reason or excuse to be invested in any of this. If you’re sitting here thinking “oh, great – it looks like justice will triumph and Biden’s vax agenda will be shut down,” then you are living in a state of total delusion.

It’s the same thing with many issues that would otherwise be important: you can’t fight because the enemy has already won. The time to fight was a decade or more ago, and at the very least before the public surrendered to the virus hoax in 2020.

The only thing to do now is stay out of the way of this system.