Federal Bureau of Idiocy: FBI Agent Leaves Truck Full of Military-Grade Equipment in a Running Car in Chicago, Blacks Steal It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2017

FILE PHOTO of the truck that was left running in a black neighborhood in Chicago while loaded up with military-grade weaponry.

Just like our military, our law enforcement is being faggotized.

We saw with James Comey’s last speech – given to the ADL – that every new agent is required to take a tour of the National Holohoax museum before they are allowed on the force.

They also are forced to go through all kinds of gay-ass sensitivity programs, which turn them into straight-up fagboys – or try to.

In fact, no masculine men even want to deal with this crap, and so would rather go work in some other industry.

Because masculinity is not simply a mark of aggressiveness or assertiveness, but also competency and intelligence, the feds are really just a bunch of dumbasses.

And that’s just the white men involved – never mind that these agencies are being lined with colored and female diversity hires.

Every image of the FBI you see on the internet is women and colored people. I think the agency is maybe 20% white male. 

But just imagine the level of incompetence required to have your weapons truck stolen from you at a gas station. And then imagine the layers of incompetency that allows the robbers to get away with it.

It’s off the charts.


An FBI vehicle loaded with tactical gear and firearms was stolen at a Chicago gas station after an agent left it “momentarily unattended with the engine running.”

At 12:10am Monday, a male suspect purportedly jumped into the 32-year-old FBI agent’s 2014 Chevy Equinox and drove away, the Chicago Sun Times reported, according to FBI spokesman John Althen and Chicago Police.

The Chicago Patch reported that a ballistic vest, three firearms – two Glock handguns and one M4 carbine rifle – and SWAT tactical equipment were among the items that were in the stolen car.

Other equipment, including a stun grenade, ammunition and a gas mask, were abandoned in the area and retrieved by police.

The incident was initially reported to the Chicago Police Department who are now working with the FBI on the case, an FBI spokesperson said.

One resident is concerned about where the stolen guns may end up and also had some choice words for the FBI agent.

“Of all people, he should know better. Those guns are going to be on the street and could be used to hurt or kill someone. If it were up to me I would fire him,” the unnamed resident told WGN.

Probably can’t fire him, due to his color or gender.

If he’s just a white male failure – the only type of white male that now works at this organization – they’ll fire him, I’m sure.

We should all keep in mind just how stupid and incompetent most of these people are when we get paranoid.

Despite our President’s best efforts, we’re probably still going to have these people messing with us for a while.

But there shouldn’t be any big worries.

With the Book Clubs, for instance – you shouldn’t think too much about getting “infiltrated.” Most likely, if someone tries to infiltrate you, you’re going to know it.

Be smart, be aware, be careful, but don’t be paranoid.

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