Fed Snitch and Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell Convicted of Threats, Going Away for a While

Contrary to the belief of some morons, being an FBI informant doesn’t protect you from being a target of the FBI.

Famously, the neo-Nazi radio host Hal Turner used the fact that he was carrying out the orders of the FBI when he was threatening violence on his radio show as a defense in court, and the judge said it literally made no difference at all.

Christopher Cantwell became an FBI informant following the events of Charlottesville, turning over many hours worth of bodycam footage to the feds which was then used to charge other rally attendees with fake crimes.

People who involve themselves with the far-right are often dangerously moronic, and you have to be very aware of this if you ever get involved with right-wing people, and avoid these types.

NBC News:

Christopher Cantwell, known for his involvement in the violent “Unite the Right” 2017 rally in Virginia, was found guilty Monday in a case related to a rape threat and extortion using the online messaging app Telegram.

Cantwell, 39, was convicted of one count of transmitting extortionate communications and one count of threatening to injure property or reputation, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Hampshire. The jury found him not guilty of a cyberstalking count.

Prosecutors said Cantwell sent a series of threatening messages because he believed members of an online group called the “Bowl Patrol” had been harassing him online. Cantwell sought the leader of the group, someone who went by the name “Vic Mackey,” and harassed an unidentified individual for the information.

Cantwell threatened to “dox” the individual, a practice of posting someone’s personal contact information online, and report the person to child protective services in a number of messages between June 15, 2019, and June 17, 2019, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

“So if you don’t want me to come and f— your wife in front of your kids, then you should make yourself scarce,” one message said. “Give me Vic, it’s your only out.”

Prosecutors said they presented evidence during trial that Cantwell followed through on his threats to dox the individual and made a report to child protection authorities in Missouri.

The conviction should serve as a warning for anyone using the internet to send such messages, U.S. Attorney Scott W. Murray for the District of New Hampshire said.

“Sending threatening and extortionate messages over the internet can instill fear and emotional damage,” Murray said. “I am grateful to the jury for weighing the evidence in this case and finding that this defendant’s disturbing conduct was unlawful.”

Cantwell became well known after he was seen chanting “Jews will not replace us” in a Vice documentary following the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a woman named Heather Heyer was killed. He later earned the moniker “Crying Nazi” after he posted an emotional video over a warrant issued for his arrest.

Yes. He was the “Crying Nazi” because he was using steroids.

Don’t use steroids, kids. It’s not worth it. The gains are not permanent, and these drugs take over your ability to control your own emotions. We all hear about the “roid rage,” but the inverse, the womanly behavior that comes out when your estrogen shoots up, is much more devastating for most men. The emotional instability associated with steroid use is also clearly what led him to being trolled so badly by Vic in the first place, and responding the way he did.

Cantwell had been obese before he decided to start taking steroids, as you can see in his appearance on the Colbert Report in 2014.

You can compare that body to the body he had in Charlottesville three years later, and stand in awe at what science has done.

Steroids do magic to your body. That is certain. It’s truly incredible. But everything has a cost, and this is a deal with the devil. If Christopher Cantwell had never touched steroids, he would still just be a fat libertarian moron in New Hampshire doing a podcast about how the government is bad because taxation is theft, and a whole lot of other people would have been saved a whole lot of trouble.

Neo-Nazis are of course drawn to steroids for the same reason they are drawn to neo-Nazism: because they are emotionally unstable. All of these people who go out there and say they’re going to march through the streets and bring down the government are not even capable of managing the most basic aspect of their own lives.

I regret my brief association with them as much as I regret anything I’ve ever done. If instead of doing Charlottesville, we would have done a big event somewhere else, without the neo-Nazis with their weird crap, and simply said that we were white Americans taking a stand for our heritage against these Jews who are trying to destroy it, the history of this country could have been recorded very differently.

These people sucked all of the life and energy out of what I worked so hard to build. No one is going to miss Christopher Cantwell, and no one is going to be waiting to see him in a decade when he finally gets out. The decisions he made with his life, from joining a cause for the wrong reasons, to betraying that cause, to threatening people on the internet, and from getting obese to dealing with his obesity using steroids are all examples of the worst possible behaviors a person can ever choose to engage in.

This person is an example of an absolutely failed human being. He is hated by the world for being a racist, he is hated by his declared allies for being a fed snitch and a psycho. With his priors, he’ll probably do ten years for these threats. It will be interesting to see if he gets killed in prison for being a snitch.

There is a lot in this world that none of us have control over, but we all have control over our decisions. We should use that power to better ourselves and to better each other.