Fed Patsy: Atomwaffen Lunatic Arrested in Texas for Planning to Shoot Up a Walmart

A fed patsy has been arrested for planning to shoot up a Walmart.

The media is not reporting that this man was involved in Atomwaffen/The Base, a satanic group controlled by the FBI.

The media is not even saying that the man had “white supremacist” material, because they are trying to cover up a fed agent being arrested. He was only arrested because of the efforts of the local sheriff.

ABC News:

A Texas man was arrested Friday after law enforcement intercepted a message indicating that he was planning to proceed with a mass shooting at a Walmart, police said.

“Coleman Thomas Blevins, age 28, of Kerrville, was arrested by the KCSO Special Operations Division in the 1000 block of Junction Highway on Friday, May 28th, on a warrant for a Terroristic Threat to Create Public Fear of Serious Bodily Injury. Supporting the arrest were the DPS-CID, FBI, Kerrville PD Patrol Division, and US Secret Service,” the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook statement Sunday night.

During the investigation, KCSO investigators spoke with Blevins and confirmed his affiliation and networking with extremist ideologies, the statement read.

On Thursday, the KCSO Special Operations Division intercepted a message indicating that Blevins was “preparing to proceed with a mass shooting,” officials said, adding that in the message, Blevins made a specific threat that included Walmart.

With the help of the FBI, KCSO investigators said they confirmed Blevins’ “capability of following through with the threat and moved immediately to arrest him.”

After the arrest, investigators executed a search warrant at Blevins’ home, where they found “firearms, ammunition, electronic evidence, concentrated THC, and radical ideology paraphernalia, including books, flags, and handwritten documents,” they said.

None of the big national outlets that I can find are showing the image of the “radical ideology paraphernalia,” but it was shown in local news.

Here’s the image:

Note the mix of “white supremacist” materials with Islamic radical materials. An Atomwaffen logo is on the left t-shirt.

That is Atomwaffen/The Base, a group that we’ve reported on extensively, and which is run by a “former” CIA agent who currently has an active CAGE code for private intelligence contracting.

That isn’t speculative. It was reported in The Guardian, and it was confirmed and the guy admitted it.

We had reported on the group even before it was publicly exposed as an intelligence operation, showing that they were not actually “white nationalists,” but instead a satanic cult that promotes all forms of radicalism to try to create violence, which they believe will give them satanic powers. (This is actually what they believe.)

I have predicted recently that the feds would use this group to do some kind of “white supremacist terrorist attack.” To be fair, I’ve always predicted that would happen. But I’ve recently predicted it again, just two days before this man was arrested.

This comes after VICE News reported that the FBI was allowing the group to continue recruiting.

Why is the group allowed to recruit?

Why doesn’t the FBI stop them from recruiting?

The media labels me a “far right blah blah blah,” but I have always called for this group to be shut down. There are entire leaks of Discord chats showing these people planning terrorism, and the FBI initially did nothing, despite the fact that there were at least 5-7 deaths linked to the group.

The FBI does not admit to outright running the group, and apparently claims (or implies) that the “former” CIA agent who does run it has gone rogue. There has been no investigation as to why he has an active CAGE code if he is running a terrorist group. The FBI admits that this group is filled with informants, and published one story about how an informant infiltrated a goat sacrifice.

The only reason that the FBI would allow this group to continue operating – even if they didn’t directly run it – is because they want them to commit terrorist attacks. Of course, if one of their drugged-up patsies makes public threats, and the local sheriff catches it, they have to arrest them. But clearly, the feds would have preferred if this dumb bastard had gone through with the attack, and they could then use it to crack down on “white supremacy QAnon Trump supporters,” i.e., all normal white people.

They can’t get actual normal white people to do terrorism. What they can do is lump normal white people in with “white supremacy,” and then get satanists to use “white supremacy” symbols and do mass shootings. Then they can come out with a crackdown on white people.

Atomwaffen/The Base/(etc., they have different names) is the elephant in the room when it comes to all of this talk about extremism. They are a group that the feds have specifically groomed to commit terrorist attacks, using a bizarre, satanic ideology that is designed to appeal to the most disenfranchised, alienated and mentally ill young people in the country.

The best part is: according to the ideology of this group, it is good for them to work for the feds, because the feds can’t stop them from getting satanic powers. I’ve listened to one of the former “leaders” (actually just a fed shill) say that he would happily take money from the feds, because that would help his agenda.

Frankly, people should call local politicians and ask them why the FBI is allowing this group to operate, despite the fact they are openly planning terrorism. It should not make sense to any normal person that this is allowed. No matter how much of a true believer you are in the moral purity of our intelligence services, allowing a satanic death cult terrorist group to operate, and to recruit with impunity, should not and cannot make sense.

If you’re in Texas where this happened, call local politicians and ask them what they’re doing to stop the FBI from recruiting terrorists. Ask them why this group is allowed to operate.

Furthermore, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene should be pressured into coming out against this.

Good on Kerr County Sheriff Larry Leitha for making this arrest happen.

That should remind us that “not all, not all – but most” is true about the cops. I’m sure this man faced FBI pressure to allow this lunatic to continue planning his attack. Remember that with Nicolas Cruz, the Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, the local authorities were constantly calling the FBI and they wouldn’t do anything. This sheriff made the arrest happen, and this case of an actual arrest should serve as a clear warning: the FBI is continuing to use this group to attempt to cause terrorist attacks in the US.

I hope that some show host – Tucker Carlson, preferably – interviews this sheriff, and asks him what he had to do to get the feds to cooperate in this arrest. I’m sure it was like pulling teeth, and that had to have made him question what exactly is going on.

Right now, we are just sitting here watching the FBI plan these attacks, using this group, and no one is doing anything to stop it, presumably because no one can believe that the FBI would be running a satanic death cult and using it to commit terrorist attacks in order to justify a crackdown on white people.

Honestly, it would also help a lot if Alex Jones was on this topic. I know some of you have lines to Alex, Rex, Owen, etc. This is the kind of thing he talks about, and this event happened in Texas, and he does still have a wide reach.

Alex should be talking about this, because he’s the first person they’re going to arrest when they do the terrorist attack and form the narrative that right-wing media is responsible.

Tucker is also going to get dragged into this, frankly. The plan is to use this group to justify a 911-style crackdown.

Everyone on the right needs to be talking about this right now. This is the only issue that even matters. If the feds get away with using this group for a mass casualty event, be BEAST will be totally unleashed on the population.

In a perfect world, leftists would also be covering this, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit into their narrative. So I won’t hold my breath on that one.

There may not be any way to stop the feds from doing this. I would think that if enough people were talking about it, they would call it off – but maybe not. However, the more people that know about it before it happens, the more people will press back when it does happen.


The New York Post has run “Neo-Nazi” in their headline on this story:

However, if you read the article, they base that headline entirely on the photograph of the “materials.” There has been no statement from local or federal authorities commenting on the nature of his “extremist connections” or the “ideological materials” in his possession.