Fed Chairman: “This is the Worst Economy in History”

Well, at least you kept us safe from the flu. You absolute cunt.

As some of the hysteria over the flu begins to wane, the media and the government are finally beginning to discuss the ramifications of what it is we’ve done.

That whole “as bad as the Great Depression” thing is now out the window, and we are now talking about “the worst economy in history.”

Good. That’s good. People should know how absolutely insane they were to allow the government and media to do to us what they’ve done to us.


How bad is the coronavirus economy? The worst ever, says Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

“We are going to see economic data for the second quarter that is worse than any data we have seen for the economy,” Powell said. “There are direct consequences of the disease and measures we are taking to protect ourselves from it.”

There’s direct consequences from one of those things. For sure.

The recovery will be long and painful, but the economy could begin to bounce back significantly in the third quarter as businesses reopen, he added. While we won’t go back to pre-coronavirus levels for quite some time, the third quarter could provide some economic relief.

“We will enter the new phase — and we are just beginning to maybe do that — where we will begin formal measures that require social distancing will be rolled back, gradually, and at different paces in different parts of the country. And in time, during this period, the economy will begin to recover,” Powell said.

Powell also noted that unemployment shot higher for minorities in the United States —much faster than it has for white Americans.

Yes, sure.

Let’s keep our focus on what’s important.


Just a few months ago, the US labor market was the best-ever for minorities, Powell noted. Now, minorities are among the first to lose their jobs as stay-at-home orders have shuttered restaurants, movie theaters, retailers and many other businesses.

Powell noted that people “who are least able to bear it have been the first to lose their jobs, and they have little cushion to protect themselves.

“That is a very big concern,” Powell said.

Everything is a big concern.

The least of my concerns right now are niggers and immigrants, if I’m perfectly honest with you.

The entire middle class has been wiped out, permanently, and all small businesses have been crushed. None of that is ever coming back.

I sure hope you all felt really, really safe from the virus, because if you went along with this bullshit, then you are responsible for it.

The economy is not coming back. Nothing is going to “bounce,” because there is nothing to bounce off of when you’ve fallen into a bottomless pit.

The only thing the government can do now is print new money, and hope that they are able to keep people pacified enough to not riot without creating hyperinflation.

We now understand that this collapse was on purpose. So I believe that the next step is to push us into a war with China, in order to keep the people complacent and wipe out the last holdout to globalism.