Fear Scale: Reddit Now Worried More About Global Warming Than Trump

You can get a very good idea about what the elite are focused on in two places on the internet:

  1. On the social media accounts of prominent neo-Nazis, and
  2. On r/WorldNews

If you just check New York Times or Washington Post, you’re going to get bombarded with layers of nonsense. Both neo-Nazis and reddit filter this stuff, because they are designed for really low level morons.

This is r/WorldNews right now:

So, apparently, they’re more focused on this global warming gibberish, and the Chinese threat, than they are on Donald Trump.

I think this means something.

I think you’re going to see a pivot, when the Democrats take full control, into transforming the coronavirus hysteria into global warming hysteria, and on demonizing China. The Trump thing is going to be the backdrop to all of it.