FDA Voted 16-to-2 Against Fauci Boosters

16-to-2 is not a close vote.


Vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration rejected Pfizer’s application to add a third, booster dose of its coronavirus vaccine to the two-dose regimen. 

Members of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee rejected the application by a vote of 16 to 2. But they reserved the right to amend the question being asked in a second round of voting.

The voting question: Do the safety and effectiveness data from clinical trial C4591001 support approval of a COMIRNATY booster dose administered at least six months after completion of the primary series for use in individuals 16 years of age and older?

Committee members were preparing to vote on a narrower approval – perhaps one that allowed booster doses for people 60 or 65 or older, or for people at high risk of exposure at work.

“I don’t think a booster dose is going to significantly contribute to controlling the pandemic,” said Dr. Cody Meissner, a professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine.

This is after top FDA officials have already resigned because the FDA was bullied by the Bidens into approving the Pfizer vax.

There is no chance that the Bidens will tolerate a no vote from the FDA, so I guess they’re going to have to shut the organization down?

I don’t know?

They’ve already got the booster rollout planned.

The vaccine definitely does not work, according to them, which is why, according to them, they have to do the booster.

Fauci has said that someone who only has two shots cannot be considered “fully vaccinated” and therefore cannot buy food.

This morning, Fauci said that this isn’t a problem, suggesting that he’s planning to just bypass the FDA.

Anthony Fauci has literally been proved to be shorter than Danny DeVito.

It’s all just such a complete and total mess.

It’s very lucky for the Bidens that the population of the United States is so fat and stupid.