FDA Approves “Monarch” Electronic Mind Control Device to Treat ADHD

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2019

Dangerous ADHD sufferers displaying symptoms of ADHD infection.

The “father” of ADHD is a Jew. That tells you a lot about the “disorder.”

When the goyim are not acting like the Jew expects, the Jew uses his Psychiatry weapon to label it a disorder and then offers a solution for that disorder.

In the case of ADHD, the solution involves removing that bit of soul that white kids still had.

CBS New York:

There’s an exciting breakthrough for the treatment of ADHD, and it does not involve drugs.

It’s the first FDA-approved medical device for the condition and CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports that it works by stimulating nerves in the forehead.

The device, called Monarch eTNS, stimulates different nerves in a similar way that studies have shown stimulating nerves in the neck are effective for controlling epilepsy and depression.

The FDA approves a mind control device with the exact same name as that conspiracy theory about mind control.


We can work with that.

It’s easy to think of ADHD as just young kids, usually boys, being full of energy and rambunctious – until you see what one mother deals with when her nine-year-old is unmedicated.

Or what a documentary showed following a young girl with ADHD.

It’s a real brain chemistry dysfunction proven by the fact that powerful stimulants used to treat ADHD actually slow these kids down.

Excuse me, but what the fuck? That’s not how “proving” works.

That’s like saying that sedating yourself proves that you have to sedate yourself because sedating yourself slows you down.

“Untreated, these folks can have other psychiatric problems, including depression, chemical dependency, trouble learning in school, and trouble with the law,” said Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, CEO of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

Since ADHD drugs can have multiple side effects, there’s been a search for alternatives.

Now for the first time, a battery powered device offers a non-drug treatment.

Monarch eTNS is a small electrode patch worn on the forehead, usually overnight, that stimulates branches of the sensory trigeminal nerve.

Treating ADHD is saying “your mind is going too fast, take this pill and take it slower.” No, fuck your pill and fuck your boring goyim academy. Give kids a challenge. Give kids something to build. Give kids something to conquer instead of forcing them to hear a boring man-hating viper babbling about useless stuff.

Teach kids how to channel their energy into productive endeavors instead of taking it away without giving anything in return.

If ADHD were a real thing, getting kids on ADHD treatments would make kids depend on those treatments in order to achieve the behavioral standards that are expected from them, and making kids dependent on any external stuff in order for them to function and be accepted in society sounds like a very cruel thing to do.

ADHD “treatments” are another manifestation of the compulsive Jew-induced tendency of adapting ourselves, the goyim, to the Jewish system we find ourselves in. If white kids’ nature doesn’t fit the current system, we should change the system. We’re not slaves. We’re not things for the Jews to use.

We’re not going to numb our souls to better serve the Jews and their Jewish system.

We’re God’s creation and we’re going to honor our creation by creating the most beautiful things we can and by defending His creation from the life-sucking horrors that seek to destroy it.

This is our world and we’re going to take it back.

Manifest your essence.