FBI Says We Have to End Encrypted Messaging Because of Moslems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2018

This is yet another case of “why we can’t have nice things.”

If it wasn’t for Islamics, there would be no reason to need to check people’s phones.

They are literally telling you that you have to lose freedoms because of brown people murdering you.


In another blast at privacy, FBI director Christopher Wray has said that powerful encryption which blocks law enforcement agencies from accessing data on devices represents an “urgent public safety issue.”

In a speech at a cyber security conference in New York on Tuesday, Wray said the FBI was unable to access data from nearly 7,800 devices last year despite possessing the legal authority to do so, Reuters reports.

This was more than half of the devices the bureau tried to crack into. “This is an urgent public safety issue,” Wray said, adding that finding a solution to the problem is “not so clear cut.”

In an effort to protect data many devices and applications now encrypt content by default. Some applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, use end-to-end encryption, which means private communications cannot be intercepted.

“We face an enormous and increasing number of cases that rely heavily, if not exclusively, on electronic evidence,” Wray told the International Conference on Cyber Security.

Finding a solution to the problem will require “significant innovation,” Wray said, before adding that he does not “buy the claim that it is impossible.”

He isn’t even wrong that there is a public safety issue. Our country actually is crawling with hajis and they actually do want to commit mass murder.

The proposition here is: freedom or brown people.

And I for one would prefer to have millions of gang-raping terrorists flooding my country to kill my family and live on welfare.