FBI Says They Allowed 1/6 to Happen as Part of a Big Mixup

After Revolver.News and Tucker Carlson proved that the January 6 riot was a staged hoax by the FBI, the media said “nuh-uh!!!!!!”

They’ve now gone back to simply saying that it was all a big mix-up, due to the incompetence of the security services.


Just a day before the Jan. 6 riot, the Secret Service warned the U.S. Capitol Police that their officers could face violence at the hands of supporters of former President Donald Trump, according to new documents reviewed by POLITICO.

The Secret Service’s emails shed light on intelligence lapses by the Capitol Police previously highlighted by both the department’s inspector general and a bipartisan report by Senate committees. Since then, the Hill’s law enforcement agency has pledged reform and said it has made changes to ensure the effective sharing of intelligence.

The Capitol Police have argued that while many threats like the ones described in the Secret Service warnings circulated in the days before the attack, no intelligence suggested a large-scale assault on the level seen on Jan. 6.

The department did not respond to a request for comment from POLITICO. It is unclear how many officials in the Capitol Police department saw the warning.

The liberal-leaning government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request and shared them with POLITICO.

“On January 6th, our democracy was attacked, but we still know little of how it happened and what was done to protect the government,” said Jordan Libowitz, a spokesperson for the organization. “These emails give a further look into the knowledge the Secret Service had in the lead up to the riot and show just how important it is for a thorough Congressional investigation to bring the truth to light.”

Just a day before the attack, the Secret Service sent a warning to Capitol Police about possible violence. That same day, a separate email circulated within the Secret Service detailing more threats to the officers in D.C. on Jan. 6.

The names of senders and recipients are redacted in the emails CREW obtained, as is often the case with documents obtained through FOIA. The only sender listed on the email sent to Capitol Police is “PIOC-ONDUTY.” PIOC appears to stand for Protective Intelligence Operations Center, a component mentioned in a 2017 USSS report. The email was sent to a redacted recipient with an “@uscp.gov” email address.

“Per our Denver Field Office, a concerned citizen reported that [REDACTED] were flying into BWI today to attend tomorrow’s rally and ‘incite violence,’” the email begins. “In addition, the source reports that [REDACTED] previously made threats against President-Elect Biden. The source also reported that [REDACTED] was driving to DC with gear and weapons, to include ballistic helmets, armored gloves and vests, rifles, and suppressors.”

The email then gave specifics about the travelers’ motives.

“The subjects claimed that they are in the area to protest election fraud, support President Trump, and acknowledged the possibility of violence if approached by counter-protesters,” the email said.

This is, not coincidentally, the exact same thing that happened after 9/11.

The media came out and said that it happened because of “repeated intelligence failures.”

That was their explanation for the fact that every intelligence service on earth had warned every American intelligence service of a planned 9/11 attack.

When you catch these people staging these hoaxes, they just say “oh no – actually, we didn’t do this on purpose, we’re just utterly incompetent.”

This is equivalent to a man on trial for rape going up on the stand to testify and saying he slipped on a banana peel and his dick slipped into the victim’s vagina.