FBI Says Black Nascar Racer’s Claim of a Noose in His Garage is a Hoax, #NooseHoax Trends on Twitter

This may be the funniest picture yet.

I believe that a record for a hate crime being exposed as a hoax may have been broken with this goofy mulatto Nascar driver’s “noose” hoax. This stupid hoax appeared and was proved false within 24 hours. 

The FBI swooped in to say that the rope was just the cord for the garage, and not a noose.

Fox News:

In all his years in auto racing, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said Tuesday night, he has never seen anything like what he described as a “straight-up noose” that was being used as a door pull in the garage he was assigned last week at Talladega Speedway in Alabama.

“I’ve been racing all of my life,” Wallace told CNN’s Don Lemon. “We’ve raced out of hundreds of garages that never had garage pulls like that. So people that want to call it a garage pull and put out all the videos and photos of knots being as their evidence, go ahead, but from the evidence that we have – and I have – it’s a straight-up noose.”

The FBI determined Tuesday that the rope had been hanging in the garage since last year and it wasn’t intended as a hate crime against Wallace.

Wallace noted to Lemon that both the FBI and NASCAR have been calling the door pull a noose.

He said he hadn’t seen the noose himself but had seen photos of it.

“It wasn’t directed at me,” Wallace added, “but it was a noose.”

Prior to the FBI’s findings, fellow NASCAR drivers participated Monday in a show of support for Wallace, a 26-year-old native of Alabama who is the only African-American full-time driver on the NASCAR circuit.

The FBI is of course an anti-white hate group, basically the enforcement arm of the Israeli Anti-Defamation League, but they don’t want this sort of thing happening as it discredits other hoaxes when these individual blacks try to make themselves the center of attention.

Jussie Smollett was a total disaster for the agenda, and everyone is going to call hoax on any of these things basically forever because of that thing he did. He did a lot of damage getting the ADL, Nancy Pelosi, all of these different anti-white authorities to embrace his hoax and then when it collapsed everyone who endorsed him got singed.

The feds went in quick to nip it in the bud, but even after they did that, Bubba was intent on his 15 minutes of victimhood so he went on Don Lemon anyway.

The hoax ended up trending on Twitter, and this may well end with Bubba getting kicked out of Nascar, or forced to resign because of hatred for the color of his hoax.

This wasn’t a good time for the blacks to look like petty, whining hoaxers.

Understand: this is all the “racism” that exists – it’s all a bunch of stupid hoaxes. There is no such thing as people who just go around blindly hating racial groups because of their skin tone. It’s an invented hoax and there is yet to be a single piece of evidence indicating that it exists.

The OTHER racism is people pointing out facts about the behavior patterns of certain groups, and saying that whites have a right to their own countries, just like all the other races have their own countries. This second form of racism doesn’t have anything to do with “hate,” it’s just people looking at the facts and coming to obvious conclusions.

Multiculturalism has been studied, it does not work, it has never worked, no one thinks that it works or can argue that it ever will work. That is just the fact. This experiment in multi-racial societies is what has created all of this insanity we’re experiencing now.

Hopefully the noose hoax gives conservatives a bit of energy to push back against the blacks. We’re getting railroaded here, because the right-wing media and all of our elected politicians refuse to say or do anything at all about these blacks and their revolution.

This is the greatest failure of leadership in history. Imagine that they are tearing down statues of George Washington and the Republicans will say nothing. Donald Trump is finally meekly saying a few things. But the noose hoax could give people some grassroots energy to push against this crap.