FBI Releases Pentagon Photos Proving That Islamic Extremists – Not Jews – Did 911

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2017

The FBI has released photos of the attack on the Pentagon on 911 that prove once and for all that Islamic extremists were responsible for the 911 attacks – not the Jews.

We can never truly approach the Jewish problem until we accept that Islamic jihadists are the true enemy of the West.

Check it out:

If this proof doesn’t satisfy you, then you’re just another schizophrenic conspiracy kook.

It’s time that the pro-white movement finally stop engaging in this ridiculous conspiracy that Jews were behind these attacks. Jews have also suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorism in the nationalist country of Israel.

We should also realize that the fact that Islamics attack Jews – Jews died on 911 as well – proves once and for all that it is only a minority of LIBERAL Jews that push multiculturalism in the West.

As the great pro-white figure Jared Taylor says, most Jews are men of the West, and want to protect Western culture from Islam and Mexicans.

Jews were not responsible for 911, and this terrible blood libel lie needs to stop if we are ever going to convince Jews to become white and embrace Western identity.