Media Outs Proud Boys Leader Tarrio as an Undercover Federal Informant (Secret Agent)


Here we are, it seems.

New York Post:

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio previously worked as a “prolific” undercover informant for local and federal law enforcement — leading to the prosecution of more than a dozen people, according to a new report.

Tarrio, 36, began cooperating with authorities following his 2012 arrest on fraud charges in cases involving drugs, gambling and human smuggling, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Details of Tarrio’s secret work were lodged in a transcript from a 2014 court proceeding in Miami and obtained by the outlet.

Tarrio’s lawyer Jeffrey Feiler had asked for leniency in his client’s sentence after he and two co-defendants pleaded guilty to relabeling and selling stolen diabetes test kits, the report said.

Feiler said in court that Tarrio had worked undercover in numerous probes — including one into the sale of anabolic steroids, another into “wholesale prescription narcotics” and a third that involved human smuggling, Reuters said.

The lawyer called his client a “prolific” cooperator who helped police uncover three marijuana grow houses.

In the smuggling case, Tarrio “at his own risk, in an undercover role met and negotiated to pay $11,000 to members of that ring to bring in fictitious family members of his from another country,” Feiler said in court.

At that same hearing, an FBI agent described Tarrio as a “key component” in local police probes involving marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy.

In court, federal prosecutor Vanessa Singh Johannes said Tarrio’s cooperation led to the prosecution of 13 people in two separate federal cases.

“He cooperated with local and federal law enforcement, to aid in the prosecution of those running other, separate criminal enterprises, ranging from running marijuana grow houses in Miami to operating pharmaceutical fraud schemes,” she told Reuters in a statement Tuesday.

Joan A. Lenard, the judge who oversaw Tarrio’s case, agreed, saying at the 2014 hearing that the convicted fraudster “provided substantial assistance in the investigation and prosecution of other persons involved in criminal conduct.”

This guy was just going around everywhere, huh???

Call up Eon and tell them they don’t have to produce a black James Bond – he already exists!

But this story continues…

There’s no evidence that Tarrio still cooperates with authorities.

Tarrio, who is based in Miami, denied working undercover or cooperating with authorities.

“I don’t know any of this,” he told Reuters when asked about the court transcript. “I don’t recall any of this.”

He acknowledged his sentence in the fraud case was reduced from 30 months to 16 months — but claimed the leniency was because he and his co-defendants helped investigators “clear up” questions about his own case.

He also denied helping investigate others.

So, he’s denying it outright.

I guess that’s worth mentioning, but that’s bullshit. There’s no way they’re printing a fake court transcript with people’s names – including his lawyer’s name – with quotes. Furthermore, what he’s saying about the reduction for cooperation isn’t true. “Clearing up questions about your own case” is called “defense,” not “cooperation.”

As is the case with virtually every single political operation in the United States, the leader of the Proud Boys is a de facto employee of the intelligence services.

Frankly, the guy always seemed like a cop.

It wasn’t that he was black, which was a bit counterintuitive. It was that he just didn’t seem to have any passion, or even interest in what he was doing, any more than some guy working at Walmart has about helping you find the unwaxed dental floss.

“I Told You So”

People who think it feels good to say “I told you so” haven’t said it six million times. There is perhaps some pleasure that a moron gets if he slips and falls on the ice, then warns a fellow moron that the ice is slippery, and the second moron says “yeah, whatever – you dumb idiot,” and then also slips and falls. I can see getting a moronic giggle out of telling someone “I told you so.”

However, this phrase “I hate to say I told you so” is not in my view ironic. I actually do hate saying “I told you so.”

I sit here all day and explain things that I find to be obvious. I explain it to the reader, as if he is a child, so that there is no chance for miscommunication, because I understand much of this is not obvious to most people. However, people will come back at me, and claim that I am wrong, without explaining why, or giving a stupid explanation that makes no sense. People did this defending Jews, women, most recently defending people who want to go to war with China, and so on.

One thing that I have constantly said, from the beginning, is that the FBI infiltrates and tries to control right-wing organizations, so you need to always be on the lookout for that, and watch if people are acting weird. I have always stressed that. I’m sorry that it creates paranoia or whatever. And I also agree that you shouldn’t just go around calling people feds, and agree that feds actually encourage calling each other feds. In the right wing, you regularly find two feds calling each other feds. Anyone in the right wing is called a fed at some point. I’ve been accused of it, though that mostly frankly stopped after I was the victim of a totally unprecedented censorship program, which even today, only one other site (8chan) has suffered to a similar degree (and even theirs wasn’t quite as bad as mine).

So, don’t go around throwing accusations blindly. You see I don’t do that. What I mostly do is stay away from people that I think are feds. Don’t engage with them, don’t promote them. Sure, if you have direct evidence, then call them out, okay. But you don’t even need to make it a thing to call them out all the time. With an organization the size of the Proud Boys, and such a big news story (mentioned by Donald Trump and so on), I had to talk about them. What I said was “they’re clearly being manipulated by feds.”

I didn’t know their leader was a fed, and was not in a position to call that out, but it was obvious the way that they were being allowed to fight with Antifa that something was going on. Everyone who has previously fought with Antifa – including the Proud Boys, under Gavin McInnes’ leadership – has been prosecuted, harshly. Clearly, something was going on in Portland and elsewhere that the Proud Boys were being allowed to fight with Antifa on the streets. I didn’t know what it was.

Now, we know what it was. The entire organization was run by a fed secret agent.

On the Alt-Right Turning Left

I have a very strict policy of not breaking confidence in private conversations. There are a lot of people who have told me a lot of things. I am crypto-famous as a person who you can contact through an encrypted messenger and have crazy conversations with and get unsuspectedly astonishing advice. A lot of people read this website. It’s a professional thing for me to not ever break confidence, but it’s also I think just basic morals, that if someone tells you something in private, it should stay between two people. So, even if I think someone is a fed – in fact, even if I know it – I’m not going to share private things that were said.

What I will just simply say is this: after Charlottesville, I had a lot of very, very strange interactions with people involved in the old Alt-Right. Most of these people I have never met in real life, as I’ve been out of the country. But, they are people I’ve exchanged a lot of messages with, talked to on the phone a lot, and so on. And a pattern of weird behavior emerged after Charlottesville.

Then, it was revealed that [a man whose name I don’t say anymore than I absolutely have to] turned over a video tape to the feds containing footage of the rally that was used to prosecute people. He also gave a full testimony to the feds on his involvement with the Alt-Right, etc. He was a snitch. I still don’t know if he was a Tarrio type snitch, where he’d been caught doing another crime and agreed to join an organization for the purpose of spying on them. That still isn’t clear. What we know for a fact is that he turned over footage of our boys to the feds in exchange for a lightening of his sentence. You cannot ever under any circumstances forgive that behavior.

As a note about feds: I think it is generally safe to assume that any organization that promotes wearing neo-Nazi costumes at public events is run by feds. Here’s the logic: No one likes those costumes. Anyone with an IQ over 90 is aware that no one likes those costumes, and you’re not going to get more support from the public by wearing those costumes. If you’re too stupid to understand that no one likes those costumes, then you’re going to be infiltrated and taken over by the feds. The feds will take over absolutely anything. I am certain that the average Proud Boy has a significantly higher IQ than the average costumed neo-Nazi, and their organization was run by a fed secret agent.

After one guy was exposed as just openly working with the feds, the situation with the Alt-Right continued to degrade. People either know the story or they don’t, but [a group that did a podcast that was funny a long time ago] began associating with and trying to rehabilitate the above mentioned snitch. It is virtually beyond the pale to do this, and when they were confronted, they said that they were not doing that. They were just mentioning him in passing. However, they were also beginning to encourage or at least condone costumed neo-Nazi behavior, as well as promote other weird things.

Eventually, someone posted a radio interview on /pol/ that featured the group’s “head of security” in an interview recorded in 2012. (I also don’t understand why a podcast group would have a “head of security” in the first place.) In this interview, recorded about three years before he joined the podcasting group, this person explained that he’d been arrested by the feds recently (at the time of the interview, so sometime in 2012) for drug trafficking, and had agreed to become an informant. I then decided to publicly explain to people what that implied – it implied exactly the situation that Tarrio is involved in, where you get caught for something and the feds go send you on secret agent missions to infiltrate various groups. It’s not really a “federal informant” as you think of federal informants normally (basically just tattletales), it’s basically a situation of recruiting a criminal as an underpaid undercover agent. This is something that happens, constantly. All the time. Everywhere.

There is no right-wing group that these people have not tried to infiltrate. I personally think that at this point, basically every major figure in the old Alt-Right should be considered to either be a fed, a fed-helper, or a vicious and dangerous retard. This whole mess is just totally crawling with feds, like the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s and 80s.

They are all now promoting bizarre nonsense that no one would promote unless they were told to promote it by someone who was trying to confuse people on purpose. They say they’re going to outsmart the Jews by supporting all of their agendas. They are promoting communism and told people to vote for Joe Biden.

Then they said there was no fraud in the election.

This is Going to Get Worse

This infiltration shit is going to just keep getting worse, frankly. They’re shutting everything down, and they’re going to herd people into somewhere online (I think I know where) that is allowed to stay online. They’re going to try to get people to form groups in real life, then try to convince them to do terrorism. They also apparently have an agenda to just generally promote weirdo nonsense and generalized gobbledygook.

“Let me give you the White Nationalist angle on why the Jews are right about everything.” -Alt-Right 2020

So just… be careful, kids. Be careful. Obviously, for what’s coming, you’re going to need to trust people. But I’m not sure the internet is the place to find those people to trust.

And look – I don’t really understand the point of announcing that this Proud Boys n – nasty guy – is a fed. They could just as easily not announce that, and then send him out to continue running the top right-wing organization in America as a secret agent.

Reuters obviously had this information for a while, and sat on it until now. Presumably, other media outlets also had it, and didn’t say anything while the whole stage play was happening, with the Proud Boys fighting Antifa. They’re all going to get indicted for these fights, I’m sure. There’s gonna be a huge swooping, like none has ever been swooped before.

Maybe, they’re just planning on shutting everything down, and totally demoralizing all of these people. I mean, it was embarrassing enough to have a black leader (who isn’t even American), but to then have the leader outed as a fed – it’s not something any organization can survive.