FBI Glowniggers Arrest Russian Politician at Airport to Trigger War with Russia!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2019


The CIA, State Department and the FBI have gone completely rogue.

There is simply no denying it anymore. Donald Trump has lost to the Deep State. At this point, all that remains to be seen is if they successfully indict him or not.

The spooks, the courts and the journalists run this country now.


The FBI interrogation of a Russian lawmaker is a hostile action that makes Moscow question if the White House is in control of its own national security apparatus, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a scolding statement.

Inga Yumasheva, a Russian MP, was held for questioning by the FBI while she was travelling to take part in the annual Fort Ross Dialogue forum. This was “the latest hostile action” targeting a Russian official that will further hurt the already strained relations between the two nations, the ministry stated.

It poses a question: do the American authorities have no wish to normalize the dialogue, contrary to their statements, or are they unable to control the actions of national security services?

Yeah. I’ll say. This is just straight-up sabotage.

The Russians are just saying that Trump can’t control his State Department and now, we’re figuring out that he has no control of the FBI – although #PissGate and the Deep State meme clued us into that two years ago.

You look at all the positive steps that Trump takes, start hoping for the best and then you see them get straight-up sabotaged. And because Trump is too fat and old and retarded, he shrugs his shoulders and moves on to easier, more manageable tasks like tweeting about the state of black society.

By the by, a recent expose by Rex Tillerson – the guy who preceded Mike Pompeo – revealed that Trump was getting circles run around him by Benjamin Netanyahu, who is coincidentally best friends with Trump’s daughter’s husband. It was eye-opening stuff. Competency, statecraft and political maneuvering do not seem to be Trump’s strengths. The Deep State is running rogue under his watch, and he’s just trying to put on a brave face.

The forum is one of few remaining venues where Russians and Americans can talk directly with each other and settle differences, so the detention of Yumasheva is perceived by Moscow as “a blatant provocation” orchestrated by the political forces in Washington that resist all attempts to mend ties, the ministry suggested.

Yeah, I’ll say.

For all my complaints against Trump, I do think that he doesn’t want war with Russia or with any country really, but that he’s too witless to do anything to stop it unless it comes down to a direct decision whether to bomb a country or not.

He is as powerless against the Deep State as your average Gamer is to society.

Meanwhile, the thesis that the Russians are advancing here is a lot like the QAnon stuff, but with one clear distinction: the Russians don’t believe in the master plan and believe Trump is losing, bigly. I think that their take is the most sober and correct one.

The one thing that the QAnon Boomers get right is that Trump, fundamentally, is not a bad guy and given the chance, he really would probably make America a better country. They also correctly understand that there is such a thing as a Deep State and that it is fighting him at every turn. Where they fail is in their assessment of the scoreboard so far.

Big fat Ls are reinterpreted as big shining Ws – which smacks of desperation and delusion.

Meanwhile, Putin takes every opportunity he has to stress that Trump is acting in good faith, but that his subordinates and agencies are not and that no one can negotiate with the US if this continues.

The North Koreans have realized this too and pulled out of talks. So have the Taliban. And the Iranians aren’t even attempting to have talks anymore and are getting ready for total jihad.

This is just the situation that the world finds itself in now.