FBI Director Promotes Antifa Propaganda: “Not an Organization, An Ideology”

We were not shocked, but everyone else should be shocked by the fact that the director of the FBI, appearing before Congress on Thursday, promoted Antifa propaganda. Christopher Wray cited the continually disproved claim, spread by both Antifa itself and by the media, that Antifa is not an organization but an ideology.

Promoting this known hoax is an absolute admission that the FBI is protecting Antifa. There is no other reason that they would be spreading Antifa propaganda designed to protect the organization. Now we have to ask why the FBI would be protecting Antifa – and the list of possible explanations for this behavior is very short.

The fat black slob Bennie Thompson, a representative from Mississippi, teed up the question for Wray, “axing” the director, “we hear from time to time that this organization by name we need to investigate,” he said, adding, “if I’m hearing you correctly, it’s really not organization, but ideology, but I don’t want to put words in your mouth.”

Wray answered in total agreement with the talking point:

I appreciate that. We look at Antifa as more of an ideology or a movement than an organization. To be clear, we do have quite a number of properly predicated domestic terrorism investigations into violent anarchist extremists, any number of whom self-identify with the Antifa movement and that’s part of this broader group of domestic violence extremists that I’m talking about, but it’s just one part of it. We also have racially motivated violent extremists, militia types, and others.

This is literally pure talking points. They’ve been using these talking points since all the way back in 2015, when Antifa first began organized attacks on right-wing events for the purpose of silencing the ability for right-wingers to organize and exercise their First Amendment rights.

The FBI doesn’t think that this is true. There is zero chance that they think this is true. The FBI has the ability to read virtually anyone’s email, to read their SMS messages, to tap their phones and see their entire contacts list. Further, the have the ability to enter organizations with undercover operatives and to buy or entrap people in these groups and make them into informants, who then relay to them everything that is happening in the group.

On Thursday, we posted a report published by Rutgers University, wherein the authors of the report went through the publicly available data on this group, including the materials on their websites and their social media, and came to the conclusion that Antifa is an organized terrorist group. Using that publicly available information, the paper documents that without question, these are “formally organized terrorist groups.”

This lists The John Brown Gun Club/Redneck Revolt, The Socialist Rifle Association and The Youth Liberation Front (YLF) as organized terrorist groups, which function with a standard model of membership, and which communicate between each other publicly and act in concert to organize attacks. They identify all of these public communication networks, including websites, Twitter accounts and reddit groups.

There is zero chance that the FBI has less information than is available in this public report, based on open-source analysis of publicly available information. Christoper Wray is lying to protect this network of violent terrorist groups that are burning down America and utterly menacing the population of this country. He is protecting them so he has an excuse not to investigate them, which means that he wants them to continue with their activities.

What that means is that the FBI director is involved in this conspiracy to create mass chaos in America in order that the ruling elite can implement this agenda of transforming the country into a hellish wasteland, where a tiny elite minority rules over a mass of peasants. As we have proved here beyond any shadow of a doubt, the goal of the Antifa groups is to create chaos to mask this transformation of society, and to prevent people from organizing against it.

The FBI must be investigated if this is to be stopped. With these statements from the director, we now know as an absolute matter of fact that every single member of an Antifa militia might as well be an FBI agent, as they are only able to act with the blessing of the FBI. If the FBI wanted to shut these organizations down, they could do it in a matter of hours, simply by opening up their communications networks and arresting the leaders.

Understand: there is no reason to get mad at Antifa, to protest Antifa. Antifa only exists because the FBI and the Justice Department want them to exist. If you want to protest what Antifa is doing, you need to turn your ire to the federal government that protects them. They need to explain what the hell is going on.