Fauci Says We Need 16 Times Fewer “Coronavirus Cases” to End Pandemic

Lord Fauci has altered the deal.

Pray he doesn’t alter it further.

The Guardian:

The US has far too many cases of the coronavirus to see an end to the pandemic, Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Axios in an interview published on Thursday.

“The endgame is to suppress the virus,” Fauci said. “Right now, we’re still in pandemic mode, because we have 160,000 new infections a day.”

The seven-day average of new cases declined slightly from the previous week, to 140,000 cases, although it’s possible reported case numbers are low given two holidays this week. Rates this high make it impossible to return to some semblance of normal life, Fauci said.

“In a country of our size, you can’t be hanging around and having 100,000 infections a day. You’ve got to get well below 10,000 before you start feeling comfortable,” he said.

Vaccines are still crucial to suppressing the virus, Fauci said. When a high proportion of the population is protected by vaccines, “you’ll still get some people getting infected, but you’re not going to have it as a public health threat.”

It is a fake virus with fake variants that they invent out of nowhere to use as manipulation tools, so even if everyone took the so-called “vaccine” tomorrow, the government could still claim that people hesitated too much and that a new variant that bypasses current vaccines was able to develop.

What the government is doing is a sadistic “oh, we really want to give you your rights and freedoms back but these anti-vaccine people just won’t let us!” routine.

It’s pure textbook systematic abuse and victim-blaming.

It’s what an alcoholic father does to a child he is beating to make the boy feel it is his fault.