Fauci Says That There is Only One Reason the Pandemic Hasn’t Ended…

After Anthony Fauci appeared on with Shepherd Smith this week, the media was running articles with headlines saying that this most brilliant doctor and scion of The Science says there’s one key reason that the coronavirus is rising and killing so many (or at least causing so many positive PCR tests).

Can anyone guess what the one reason is?

I bet you can’t guess.

Best Life:

COVID cases in the U.S. have increased by 14 percent overall in the last two weeks, according to data from The New York Times. Certain states, like New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, and Minnesota, have seen the average number of new cases in their states increase even more, at more than 40 percent over the last two-week period.

Fauci said there’s a clear reason why cases are rising again: unvaccinated individuals. “That’s something that’s entirely predictable when you have these many people—about 60 million people—who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not gotten vaccinated,” he explained.

In his interview with Smith, Fauci acknowledged that we could be at the beginning of another COVID wave, especially as winter rolls in. Other virus experts have recently warned about a winter surge as well. Monica Wang, ScD, an associate professor of community health sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health, told NBC News that though she expects a winter spike, it won’t be as bad as last winter because we have effective vaccines available now.

Meanwhile, George Rutherford, MD, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco, recently told USA Today that even if the coronavirus is still circulating, more vaccinations would allow the virus to become one we could live with rather than one that kills.

“If our population were 100 percent vaccinated, we’d be having a very different conversation,” Rutherford told the news outlet. “The thing to remember is that if you have 62 percent or 72 percent of your population fully vaccinated, that means you 38 percent or 28 percent who aren’t—and that’s plenty of people to sustain transmission of the virus.”

During his interview on The News With Shepard Smith, Fauci added that, “It’s still always the primary thing: to get the unvaccinated vaccinated. Another reason why it’s so important to get vaccinated, not only to protect yourself, but to protect your family, and importantly which we sometimes forget, is your societal responsibility to keep the level of infection in the community down so that you yourself are not just in a vacuum, but you’re part of the community effort to not let that surge.”

Please note that this comes AFTER the British territory of Gibraltar, which is the most vaxed place on earth, officially canceled Christmas. Places with vax rates over 90% are going into lockdown all over the planet.

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In fully vaccinated places, the government is admitting outright that the vaccine doesn’t do anything, and saying that literally nothing has changed as a result of mass vaccination. Meanwhile, in places like America, that have much lower vax rates, they are saying that the only reason we are doing these measures at all is because of the unvaxed.

This people literally expect that you are too stupid to simply look up what is going on in Gibraltar, Ireland, Iceland, etc.

Fauci knows that the vaccination rate will change nothing, he knows that the vaccinated are more likely to “die from the virus,” and yet he is just going out there and saying this. We know he knows that, and he knows that we know he knows that, and he is smugly saying it anyway, because he knows that the people who follow his advice are just totally mindless drones, whose entire mode of existence is based on following the direction of authority.

People have obviously already become numb to this demonization coming from Lord Fauci and the entire media, but they should not be numb to it, because the agenda has hardly even begun.

These people are planning a “Dark Winter” wherein they implement drastic Australia-type measures and then blame the unvaxed. Everything is set up for that.

It’s shocking to me that so many are still living in a fantasy world.

I found this post on The Gamer Uprising:

I literally made this face:

I replied:

For the record, I have maintained that it would be a winter problem, not a fall problem. If I said you should sell your house and move to the country by November, I said that so you would have time to escape before the holidays, when people are not selling homes and moving. What is going to happen, what I have said from the beginning, is that the Christmas holiday will be condemned as having “spread the virus,” and the new measures will begin to be implemented in January.

We literally now have a “d-day” in Biden’s announced January 6 mandate. They’ve given you a date for when everything will change, and the beast will be unleashed.

The ability for rationalization and denial is truly incredible.

We know as an absolute matter of fact that the vaccine is not doing anything (see above). So what are the possible options as to what these people are doing?

“They are just trying to help do public health” is not one of the options. That leaves only darker options. So unless you believe that they are just too moral to do anything evil to you, then the only possible conclusion is that they are planning something very evil.

And they are already injecting people with a deadly vaccine that is killing large numbers of people, permanently damaging many more, and which does not do anything to stop the spread of any viruses.

This is just basic math.

That’s why I say: I can imagine someone believing all of it. They are just dumb mindless morons who believe whatever they are told. That makes sense. But I cannot imagine someone knowing that this is all a huge hoax, and then saying “yeah, but they’re not going to go that far.”

I also cannot imagine anyone who knows anything submitting to this vax and thinking that will somehow help their situation. Most people who say “I can’t lose my job, bro” probably have kids – but then, they are literally coming for your kids. They are going to inject your kids.

But this is the capacity of the human brain for delusion.

I cannot even begin to enter the mind of someone who could believe that they would be willing to do everything that they’ve done so far, and then just stop.

This situation has gotten more extreme every month since February of 2020. But it’s possible for someone to believe that it just got as bad as it’s going to get in November of 2021, and that now, they are going to start dialing things back – after having spread this narrative of total demonization against the unvaxed, claiming that they are disease carriers who are destroying civilization?

Anyone who is capable of forming that thought is too far gone to be swayed by logic. It’s a shame. But weak people incapable of managing reality are going to be culled. All of the vaxed will be culled, whether they took it in the beginning of the hoax or take it before January 6 because “I can’t afford to lose my job, bro.”

Ask yourself: if this hasn’t sunk in for you yet, then what exactly do you think is going to happen after January 6?

Do you think that for the first time in this entire two-year process, things will not get worse? 

How does that make any sense at all?

Seriously, if you think that, that is a massive failure of basic pattern recognition.

The vaxed are not all going to die immediately, but they are signing up for a prison system which they will never escape. When this system ends, all of the vaxed will go with it. Only the purebloods will inherit the earth.

It’s sad that weak-minded people who cannot grasp the fact that evil exists will be crushed. Maybe it’s sad. We all know someone, and it’s sad. But in the larger historical scope, this is a necessary cleansing.

God will protect the faithful.