Fauci Says He Didn’t Anticipate Omicron’s Extent of Mutations, Wants Mass Testing

The era of Omicron hasn’t even begin to begun.

Strike that.

Reverse it.

New York Post:

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday said that the Biden administration expected COVID-19 to mutate but were unprepared for the “extent of mutations” found in the Omicron variant.

The White House chief medical advisor responded to comments last week from Vice President Kamala Harris, who said that scientists advising the administration did not see the Omicron or Delta variants “coming.”

“We certainly were anticipating that there were going to be variants because we have so many viruses, so much replication going on in the community,” Fauci told CNN anchor Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

If you give a virus enough opportunity to replicate, you know, it’s going to ultimately mutate and sometimes those mutations wind up being a new variant and that’s exactly what happened with Delta and certainly that’s what happened with Omicron.”

We really need to flood the system with testing. We need to have tests available for anyone who wants them particularly more in a situation right now when people are going to be gathering,” Fauci said.

“Even though they are vaccinated and boosted, they may want to go that extra step that extra mile.”

Yeah, even if you’re vaccinated and boosted, you may want to go that extra mile.

It’s incredible that some people still believe that “if you give a virus enough opportunity to replicate” nonsense.

Why didn’t viruses exterminate mankind before the invention of vaccines? No one was preventing them from mutating for thousands and thousands of years.

Why didn’t the evil flu mutate into something deadly when The Science wasn’t there to protect mankind?

[It’s not a bad point, Pomidor, but their response, just so you and everyone else knows, is that there was no mass transportation and there were fewer people, so a virus could wipe out a tribe or village and then the virus would just die. But whatever – it’s all bullshit anyway. -AA]