Fauci Now Says the Virus Crisis Will Go on Indefinitely Because of Donald Trump

It is truly a fantastic piece of information that Anthony Fauci was on record a week before President Trump closed the border with China saying that there was nothing to worry about.

On January 21, Fauci went on Newmax TV and said Americans had nothing to worry about.

On January 24, Fauci told reporters that a travel ban from China was “not something that I think we’re even considering.”

Seven days later, on the 31st, Trump announced the border closure with China.

Fauci continued to say that the virus was not a big deal.

All of a sudden, that totally changed, and he started saying it was the worst thing ever in history.

Now, this greasy little rat is blaming Trump for not doing enough to stop this doom virus, and saying that America must be punished with endless bizarre measures due to Trump’s failures.

He’s been out there claiming that he wanted to shut the border down earlier. It’s totally, objectively false, but the social media companies are just deleting the old clips, calling them “coronavirus disinformation,” and ABC News and others have their own fake “timelines of Fauci statements” where they remove him laughing and saying it’s no problem, saying we don’t need masks, etc.

This is where we are at: full 1984 where history is changed in real time.

CNN is reinforcing the idea that this is all Trump’s fault with headlines like this:

Fauci is now openly talking about “the second lockdown,” as if we’re not still in a lockdown right now.

The sonovabitch is talking about “the surge” – which was a surge in identified cases due to mass testing, not a surge in actual infections, and definitely not a surge in deaths.

The degree to which these people are lying is simply fascinating. They are not simply twisting the truth, they are just making things up whole cloth. Fauci is the face of the hoax machine, but he is no more than a spokesperson for this agenda. He is an employee of Bill Gates, the globalist, the weirdo, the friend of Jeffrey Epstein.

Gates himself is not the mastermind. This is a global agenda that is agreed on by the global elite. It is a plan to completely transform all of society, to create a completely new society.

They are going to:

Genocide white people – Some of us will be actually slaughtered by brown people, but many more will die of drug overdoses. Conditions will be created to prevent us from breeding. White women will be allowed to breed, as long as it isn’t with white men.

Create a global government from Israel – The dream of the Jews is to rule the world from the city where Christ lived. They are Satan’s children, and they mock Christ by dominating his Holy Land.

Force children to become trannies – The tranny agenda is a homosexual pedophile agenda. They will force young boys into “questioning their gender” and inject them with hormones. They will then be sent to be “mentored” by adult homosexuals, who will use them as sex toys.

Create a borderless world of mixed race people – The Jews want a totally mixed horde to serve them. All races will be mixed together, as borders are torn down. This will not just be an agenda aimed at whites. Korean women will be encouraged to breed with blacks and so on. They do not want any identity among the people at all.

In the short term, many other incredibly bad things will happen.

This is what it means to vote for Joe Biden. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the coronavirus agenda, and the coronavirus agenda is pure satanic Jew globalism.