Fauci Admits That 40-50% of NIH and FDA Employees are Refusing His Deadly Vaxx

Fauci says that to learn the effects of the vaccine, you have to get injected with it. It’s like the box in Hellraiser.

Last week, “The Dominator” and Total Supreme Leader of America Anthony Fauci said that he is planning to inject 6-month-old infants with the deadly coronavirus vaccine.

In the same week, Lord Fauci appeared alongside Peter Marks of the FDA and Rochelle Walensky of the CDC before a Congressional hearing.

Senator Richard Burr – who knows this whole thing is a hoax, just check his insider trading scandal – asked this rogues’ gallery what percentage of the employees at their organizations have received the deadly injection.

Fauci admitted outright that only half or maybe 60% had been shot with this dangerous gene therapy. Marks said it was about the same at the FDA. Walensky dodged the question.

These organizations all have vaxx centers in them, so all anyone who works at one of these places has to do is walk down the hall. What this means is that half or slightly less of America’s top government health workers are refusing this deadly treatment.

We’ve been told by Fauci himself that the only people who would refuse the vaccine are lunatics who deny science. A great followup would be to ask these people why they employ so many science deniers.

Of course, we know that this alleged virus is not dangerous to anyone who is healthy and under the age of 7o. That is according to their own data.

If Fauci were to try to explain why he hires so many science deniers, it would be like him trying to explain how the unvaxxed are going to spread the virus to the vaxxed if the vaxx works. He’s never explained that, and he’s never been asked why, if an unvaxxed person can spread the virus to a vaxxed person, it wouldn’t also be possible for vaxxed people to spread it to each other.

What is entirely amazing is that no one in the media is willing to question Fauci on any of this.

The only way any of this makes any sense is if the vaxx hurts us, and these people want to hurt us. There is no other explanation.

Federal Government Exempted from Deadly Vaxx Law

Wallensky noted that there is no Federal Government policy mandating vaccination. I can see how trying to mandate it might create problems for them, but virtually every major corporation in America is requiring the vaccine, and the government has done nothing to stop this clear violation of civil rights law by all of these companies.

Not even in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis has been good on the Virus Hoax (at least better than anyone else in the government), are companies being prevented from violating the bodily autonomy of employees.¬†Imagine if an American company told workers they weren’t allowed to get abortions, or mandated abortions – do you think the federal government would say something about that? What if a company tried to prevent employees from becoming trannies? What would happen then?