Father and Son Shoot Each Other to Death

We’ve seen a sharp rise in psychotic events since the lockdowns began, and things appear to be getting much worse, as these strange events are happening more and more often.

In Alabama, a father and son just killed each other during a shootout over an argument about a dog. You see it a lot in movies, but it’s rare in real life to have a situation where two people get into a shootout and they both die.


Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer says 60-year-old Kelvin James Coker discovered his dog had been shot on Saturday.

The man then drove to the home of his son, 32-year-old Kelvin Nicholas Coker, who claimed to have killed the animal.

The sheriff says the older man shot first and then the son returned fire with a shotgun.

Both men died from their wounds.

The sheriff calls the family “very dysfunctional.”

People are being driven insane and they’re murdering each other. This is happening every day, and most of it doesn’t get noticed. The Daily Stormer tries to point to some of these situations, and note that people weren’t this crazy before the lockdown. But the mainstream media doesn’t ever bother to connect the sharp rise in psychotic events to the lockdown.

But we have to think of the alternative: people could have gotten the flu, and some old people in nursing homes could even die from it.

Driving the entire society into ultra-psychosis is a small price to pay to prevent a few old people in nursing homes from dying of the flu. And if those old people get the flu anyway, well, at least we did our best.

It was the right thing to do, and that’s who we are.