Fat Woman Yells “RAAAPE” at Man Filming Her on the Street

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2017

Here you see how women will accuse anyone doing anything they don’t like of rape.

Generally, women try to hide this little trick. This woman is, however, stupid, and she is giving away the feminine tricks to the public.

Whenever I hear a woman talk about “rape,” I just assume she’s lying. At least if she’s talking about a white man, which is who they usually accuse.

Women always lie.

Alex, the owner of the channel that uploaded this, labels the video “SJW,” but this fat woman doesn’t appear to be an SJW. Just a normal stupid fat woman. Alex I think associates any negative behavior by blacks, women, etc. with SJWs, as if it is all some new thing. It of course isn’t.

Anyway, Alex is a good lad, I think he’ll come around. I generally like his channel. He finds a lot of stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have found. I think he’ll get the Jew issue eventually. It’s hard for some people, because it seems too much like a paranoid conspiracy theory.