Fat Woman Attacks Man for Not Wanting to Have Sex with Her

Daily Stormer
September 16, 2017

The horny vixen in question

Florida is, by far, my favorite American state. Every time I read news of things that happened there, it’s invariably something really really funny.


A Florida woman faces battery charges after deputies say she hit a man who did not want to have sex with her.

Deputies responded to Rebecca Lynn Phelps’ home just before 2am on Thursday.

Deputies say Phelps was outside her home drinking with the victim. She began to get angry when the victim refused to have sex with her.

He shoulda just fucked her, that’s what I would’ve done. I believe that if a woman wants you to fuck her, even if she’s fat and ugly, you’re supposed to fuck her, that’s the chivalrous thing to do. Of course, she also has to act ladylike and buy you all the booze you require for your glorious quest.

Phelps then allegedly began to scream and hit the victim, leaving red marks on his face. Deputies say the victim yelled for Phelps to stop or he would call 911. Phelps then scratched the victim’s arm, causing him to bleed.

Deputies say a witness inside the home did not see what happened, but heard the victim yelling at Phelps “Stop hitting me” and then the witness heard a smack.

The guy deserved to be beaten up. What kind of cuck gets beaten by a woman?

Works on the fat ones too

Phelps was arrested on one count of battery.

If this were a man, he’d be arrested for attempted rape, possibly other accusations too. But it’s not a man, it’s a woman, and a fat woman at that, so she can get away with basically everything.

I hate fat women.