Fat Students in US and Canada Holding “Smash the Scales” Events

Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

Look at this. Now imagine hundreds of these creatures doing it at the same time, at the same place. Now imagine going into debt for the rest of your life to see it. That’s what college is.

These lardbeasts think their plan is foolproof, but their Cheetos-addled brains overlooked one tiny little detail – WE DON’T NEED SCALES TO SEE YOU’RE FAT, YOU DISGUSTING PIGS!!!


Students at the University of Southern California and Nipissing University in Ontario, Canada, are hosting events that will allow students to smash scales in an attempt to promote “body positivity.”

Earlier this semester, students at Nipissing University were invited to participate in an event called “Smash the Scales.” The event was created because “scales are something that make people feel inadequate,”according a local Canadian newspaper.

Scales do not make people feel “inadequate.”

Being a fat fuck is what makes people feel inadequate, because there is nothing normal or natural about being a fat fuck.

You’re slow, unhealthy, smelly and disgusting to other people.

“We want students to realize that weight does not define them. We have students who have gone through mental health struggles, have had illnesses or a traumatic event happen in which they’ve put on weight or lost weight,” the Nipissing University Student Union said in a comment.

“We want them to be aware that no matter what they are going through the numbers on the scale does not define their worth in the eyes of others,” they continued. “It’s important for us to do because there are many students across Ontario dealing with eating disorders or body dysmorphia.”

Fun fact: If you’re a pig, you’re still a pig even if no one calls you a pig.

I warmly recommend Hokuto no Ken to anyone who enjoys watching obese people die.

To extend their effort promoting “body positivity,” Nipissing covered bathroom mirrors around campus. The students believe that covering up campus mirrors prevents students from engaging with their physical insecurities. Similar stunts have been pulled at American universities like Bucknell.

The University of Southern California is also planning a “Smash the Scales” event. At USC, October is Body Love Month and students will be invited to smash scales as part of the festivities.

Yeah, these totally sound like places where you go to get an education, and not insane asylums where the crazy people put all the doctors in straitjackets.

Gwen Howard, the Student Director of Body Love Week, said in a comment that physical insecurities are at an all-time high. “Eating disorders and poor body image are sort of at an epidemic high among college age students specifically,” Howard said. “It’s important to remember how many imposed ideals we have about how we should look like, how we should eat and how we should exercise.”

There are two important things you have to remember about fat people, and they have nothing to do with any of the gibberish they teach at these universities.

  1. It’s not complicated to not be a pig, and
  2. The people who let themselves go past a certain level are worse on the inside than they are on the outside, and I’m not talking just about the health of their internal organs.

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