Fat Soybeard Bernie Bro Harasses Media for Covering Up Anti-Semitism, Gets Put in Headlock

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2020

Well, this is an important news story.

Who would have thought that the media is hiding anti-Semitism and then putting you in a headlock?

The Independent:

A podcaster and radio host who supports Bernie Sanders says he intends to press charges after a filmed confrontation with an MSNBC anchor, during which he claims he was put in a headlock.

Jack Allison, who co-hosts morning show JackAM and pop culture podcast Struggle Session, approached journalist Chris Jansing on 10 March while filming on his phone, asking her: “Why did your network not find it newsworthy to report on an anti-semitic attack at the Jewish candidate’s rally on Friday?”

In Mr Allison’s footage, Ms Jansing replies that she does not make those decisions, Mr Allison asks who does make those decisions, saying he’s texted a producer and “told him about this information”.

“It’s not credible that no-one in the building didn’t know [sic], so I wanna know why the network made that decision.”

As Ms Jansing continues to explain that she is not responsible for all decisions regarding newsworthiness, Mr Allison demands that she explain to him who does make it “because what you’re doing is crafting narrative”.

As Mr Allison continues asking Ms Jansing to explain the network’s decision-making process to him, she backs away, saying: “I don’t like your attitude, first of all, and I don’t appreciate you harassing me.”

At that point, a man’s voice is heard and a hand put over the camera before the clip ends. Mr Allison said on Twitter that he has filed a police report over the fracas.

The anti-semitic incident to which Mr Allison was referring took place at a rally in Arizona on 5 March. As Mr Sanders spoke, a man seated in an upper tier of the arena unfurled a Nazi flag and gave the Hitler salute. He was shortly ejected from the rally, and left shouting racial slurs at the supporters who turfed him out.

The man has since been identified by the Anti-Defamation League as Robert Sterkeson, a white supremacist “stunt activist” who has repeatedy targeted both Jewish and Muslim events.

The definition of an “anti-Semitic attack” sure has gotten loose.

Jack Allison is quite a creature.

Jack Allison could be described as a parody of Jack Allison.

I’m glad my last name isn’t a girl’s first name.

Kinda faggy.

But probably if I was in that situation I would overcompensate and go ultra-alpha, instead of being a fat soybeard on a mission to defend the Jews from the Jew media.

Poor Bernie Bros.

You know, I’m not really a mean person, I just pretend to be a mean person on the internet.

And I feel bad for Bernie Bros.

It must be real rough losing to Joe Biden of all people.

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