Fat Obnoxious Sheboon Attacks White Woman in Movie Theater

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2017

As anyone who has been anywhere with sheboons can tell you, they are loud, annoying, foul-mouthed and will never shut the hell up in places that are supposed to be quiet, especially movie theaters.

Never tell them to shut up though unless you’re ready to have a pack of ferals descend on you faster than you can blink.


A Lakewood mother was hospitalized after she was assaulted outside a movie theater.

It happened Tuesday night at the Century 16 Belmar theater. Heather Piper went to a movie with a couple friends where a small group of teens was allegedly “acting out of control.”

“They were crawling over seats and yelling,” Piper said. “I asked them to be quiet several times and they wouldn’t and I finally yelled at them to ‘shush.’”

Despite her attempts to quiet the three teenagers, Piper said the group continued to act inappropriately. That’s when another movie-goer got a security guard to come into the theater and the teens behaved. Yet, when Piper left the theater with her friends, one of the raucous teens confronted her.

“She was screaming and just punched me on the side of the head,” Piper said.

“I said, ‘What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?’ And she lost it. She started hitting me again and then started crying saying, ‘Well you called me ghetto,’” Piper said.