Fat Cat on Tucker Carlson Says Crypto Community is “Criminals and Terrorists”

Tucker Carlson on Thursday had on John Catsimatidis, a literal fat cat billionaire and Republican New Yorker.

It’s a pretty funny clip, just due to the way this guy carries himself. As far as I’m aware, he’s not Jewish. He looks very Jewish but a lot of Greeks look Jewish, and he talks Jewish because he’s from New York.

Tucker had him on to discuss the government putting together a “Cyber Force” to deal with hackers following the shutdown of the nation’s largest pipeline last week. Colonial Pipeline ended up paying a $5 million ransom to the hackers, after the government first blamed Russia and then said that it was not their problem.

It was clear that Tucker had him on to talk about how the government has a responsibility to protect people. However, this guy started going off on Bitcoin!

He said: “Right now, I don’t understand Bitcoins and cryptocurrency. It seems to be like the thing of criminals and terrorists, because that’s how they conduct themselves.”

Those were two very strange sentences, but he is indicting the entire crypto community over the fact that people use crypto in ransoms. Well, people have been doing kidnapping for ransom probably since the beginning of time and using whatever currency is around. There are stories of kidnapping for ransom in some of our oldest literature. Locking computers is new, but they’re not doing this because crypto exists.

Tucker has been great lately, and I don’t think he brought this guy on to attack crypto. It was just a three-minute filler segment, which again, I think Tucker wanted to use to stress how bizarre it was that the government blamed Russia and then said it’s not their problem. One National Security official outright suggested that the company should pay the ransom.

I don’t think the fat guy’s idea for a Cyber Force is bad, all things being equal. In general, I think the US government is too far gone to do anything good, however. Furthermore, I am pretty much 100% sure that the US government did that ransomware attack – that’s the only way they would have had so little interest in addressing it.

We also know that the globalists have been talking about a “Cyber Pandemic” for a while now. I wrote about it last week, citing their own statements.

It seems likely to me that much of the focus on this virus is going to be shifted to a cyber threat, and that this will give more excuses to the government to restrict our lives and take our freedoms. The reality is that cryptocurrency is a way for people to be more free and more secure – not less.

The real criminals and terrorists are the people who try to tank cryptocurrency, citing global warming hoaxes, so they can then buy it up themselves and make massive gains.