Fat Bitch from Canada Gets Troll Stormed Because She has the Same Name as a Capitol Stormer

Wait, you can harass people online?

In 2021?

Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys.

CTV News:

Ontario real estate agent Jenna Ryan has never received a bad review in her career.

At least until another agent by the same name stormed the U.S. Capitol this month.

Among the hundreds of rioters that broke their way into the American symbol of democracy on Jan. 6, incited by U.S. President Donald Trump, was a Texas realtor and life coach.

That Jenna Ryan, who even bears a resemblance to the Canadian Jenna Ryan, reportedly flew on a private jet from Frisco to join the march in Washington. She was pictured wearing a Trump toque walking through the building, and posing in front of a smashed window, smiling and holding up a peace sign. She tweeted her presence and intent throughout the entire day, sharing messages and videos from the steps of the building, including:

“We just stormed the Capital. It was one of the best days of my life.”

On Friday, federal authorities in Dallas arrested and charged the American Jenna Ryan for disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building without lawful authority, according to reports.

For the Canadian Jenna Ryan, who lives in the northern Ontario city of Sudbury, that Jenna Ryan’s decision on Jan. 6 has made for a chaotic start to her 2021, more than 1,100 kilometres away from the U.S. Capitol Building.

“Maybe I’ll go back to 2020. I feel like I liked it better,” she joked with CTVNews.ca over the phone on Friday.

After the storming of the Capitol earlier this month, social media was flooded with sleuthing internet users attempting to expose the rioters. When the American Jenna Ryan’s identity was revealed, the Canadian Jenna Ryan started getting inundated with messages. The first was a bad review on her Google business page, which took her by surprise, since she had never received a negative rating online before.

“I ignored it. I thought it was some crazy person online,” she said. But Ryan was soon inundated with emails, Facebook messages, comments and international calls. She removed her number from various web pages and contacted social media companies for help, but it hasn’t made much of a difference. It died down after a few days, but with the news of the woman’s arrest, on Friday, the calls have started up again.

“Every derogatory thing you could say to a person, none of which you can probably write in a news article,” she told CTVNews.ca.

So here’s the plan: find the names of every single woman who is recorded as having been at the Capitol.

Then find some random bitch with the same name.

Make SURE it’s not the person who actually did the thing.

Then, listen to that Tupac song for inspiration.

No, I’m just joking.

You can’t really harass people online anymore, this is just some stupid whiny bitch, who got a few messages, then was quickly able to shut the whole thing down with all these methods they have to shut shit down. You can’t inflict any real trauma anymore. They have too many systems in place.

The days of the Troll Storm are long dead.

And they will only rise again when the heroes return, once and for all.

(By the way, imagine that in 1996, black felons were allowed to talk about doing drive-bys and killing children on Billboard top hits. It’s almost like someone was trying to foster a negative culture around black people. I mean, blacks were always violent, but I have to imagine that their behavior was better when they were listening to Luther Vandross. Frankly, 2Pac was a really good rapper, and it holds up now, but I mean, how was this not regulated? You’d think that even though it wasn’t regulated, someone would say “can you remove that part where you say you’re going to drive by and shoot his young children?”)