Fat Bearded Millennial Journalists Fear a World Where Globohomo Doesn’t Protect Their Frail Bodies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

Millennial blogger-journalists are a weak race of pathetic fiends, incapable of dealing with the order of nature, so they are intent on creating a new reality using a complex web of lies and hoaxes, many of which they make up at random.

Millennial journalists are especially disreputable, particularly because of their smugness, which, like their fatness and fear of reality, is caused by an endocrine disorder.

This smug fatbeard is Aaron Rupar of Vox. On the right there.

I don’t know if he’s Jewish. He doesn’t look Jewish, and a lot of these new media blog journalists are not Jewish. What I do know is under that hilariously ironic WWF T-shirt, he’s got a bigger pair of titties than my last girlfriend. What I also know is that the beard absolutely does nothing to confuse me about want is going on with the flabby skin on his neck.

Can you imagine a lower form of life?

Look at him here.

Just look at his stupid estro-face.

Imagine the fear he must feel of a world dominated by masculinity.

If this was any other time in history, he would have to spend his entire life groveling to his betters.

We might also note that he looks almost indistinguishable from Ars Technica journalist Dr. Pizza, who likes to do anal on 7-year-olds.

Have you seen HuffPo blogger Christopher Mathias? This fatbeard bastard doesn’t even have any lips.

They are all fat men with hormonal disorders, these journalists. And presumably, they all fuck children. I don’t know what other kind of person looks like that. “Normal homosexuals” often appear to be in good physical shape, and they at least engage in basic personal grooming. These millennial journalists are a whole other breed of deformed pervert.

They are counting on the continuation of a world dominated by globohomo corporations and empowered females, because their survival depends on it. The journalist is a creature whose entire existence is driven by fear.

We don’t have to go back to the Hyperborean Age for these people to end up in a very difficult situation, where they just couldn’t go around looking like fat whiny slobs. Simply middle America rising up and reasserting control would take away their ability to prance around with their titties all hanging out of their ironic T-shirts as they arrange meetings to sodomize 7-year-olds on kink websites.

Further, these people are low-grade morons. The writing quality on these Jewish news media blogs is nigh inconceivable. And they just generally have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.

Look at Aaron Rupar here.

Tariffs being a “tax on American companies, not China” is almost too stupid of a statement to even respond to. It’s just a weird slogan meant to confuse people who don’t understand how the globalist free trade system is designed. But: why is an ultra-leftist journalist white knighting for multi-national corporations?

The part about Trump saying tractors connect to the internet being “bizarre” is mind-boggling.

Why does he not know what the internet of things is?

Could he not google “tractors internet” and find that indeed, just like cars, all modern tractors connect to the internet, that this assists majorly with production output, and that rural areas not being able to connect to the internet is a problem?

Basically, the news has gotten so fake, that these people just don’t even care. They will just say whatever. There is no requirement at places like Vox or Huffington Post that anyone should have any idea what the fuck they’re talking about.

Journalism is a mind-weapon. These people are at war with the public to protect this globalist system because the globalist system protects them from the reality that, in a world dominated by masculinity, they would have very serious problems.

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