Fat Activist and Coal Burner Announces That She Might Have Wanted to Abort Black Baby

Do you know why abortion is so important to women?

Yahoo! News:

Iskra Lawrence is speaking out about the doubts and anxiety she felt after becoming unexpectedly pregnant just a year into her relationship with partner Philip Payne. According to a new Instagram post by the British-born, Austin-based model, who was using contraception at the time, she didn’t learn of the pregnancy until she was nearly nine weeks along — which, under Texas’s controversial new legislation banning abortions from six weeks on, would have made it illegal for her to terminate.

“I had no idea I was pregnant,” Lawrence captioned one in a series of shots taken of her and Payne at six, seven and eight weeks into the pregnancy. While the couple welcomed a son in April 2020, she admits that they wrestled with the question of whether or not they were ready to become parents.

“I didn’t know until nearly nine weeks into my pregnancy,” the body positivity advocate wrote. “This is very normal.”

It’s actually not normal.

If a normal woman doesn’t have a period for 9 weeks, she has this investigated by professionals. (Though I guess the claim would be that the birth control pills prevent period regularity.)

She admitted that the surprise pregnancy initially shook her, writing, “I didn’t feel ready and I was using contraceptive. We weren’t married and I thought everything I’d built for myself and my family could fall apart. Philip saw how upset and scared I was and lovingly reassured me.

Ultimately, they chose to keep the baby — “even though I hadn’t imagined we would be pregnant only a year into our relationship we knew we wanted this,” she shared — but Lawrence noted that not every woman in her situation would make that choice, or have the resources to even make that a possibility.

“I had the privilege of financial security, the safety of owning a home and the support from not just a loving partner but my family,” she continued. “Our baby coming into our lives is the greatest blessing and I dream of a world where this could be everyone’s reality but… This isn’t everyone’s story. And no one, especially men, have a right to tell women what to do with their bodies.

Wait, are we back to “pregnancy is for women”?

That’s really hardcore transphobia.

Anyway, this is a fat activist with a negro boyfriend.

It’s basically the face of abortion rights.

This disgusting fat bitch decided to keep her little pickaninny, but most white women who have sex with blacks do not make that decision. Abortion is very important to white women, because they want to be able to have sex with the blacks without worrying about ending up with a fatherless bastard black child.

Some right-wingers will see this story and think “oh well, we need abortion so these white women aren’t having all these black babies.” But that person misunderstands the scope of the problem. If there was no abortion, women would have to consider their sexual decisions. That’s why it’s so important to women to have abortion as an option – the sex party would basically end if they knew that any man they have sex with could be the permanent father of their child.

Without abortion, women would still have sex outside of marriage, and they might even still have sex with strangers sometimes, but they would be much, much more deliberate in their choices. They would more or less never have sex with blacks or other criminal elements.

They would automatically start rushing to the best men. This would give men leverage to make demands from them.

“The best men” for potential fathers would not be the men that they consider “the best men” now. There would be a lot less of this craving for Chad Thundercock if they knew that Chad was going to dip out on a pregnancy. The drive of women to all have sex with the same small group of men is largely a result of not having to face the consequences of the sex.

Of course, the whole problem wouldn’t be solved – women could still leave men and take their money. However, the number one reason that women leave men is to go on sex adventures, so with the sex adventure curtailed, they would have much less reason to break up families.

Ultimately, you would have to solve the issue of family courts, if you wanted to fix families. You would have to decide that men keep the children, because they have the money – not “men give their money to women so they can care for the stolen children.”

But solving the abortion problem would be a long way in the right direction.