Fashwave Friday: The Dawn of Fashwave Fridays

Colonel Gunter Brumm
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2016


Deputies! Men of the White Race, Soldiers, Frauen, Kinder, National Socialists!

At 18:00 hours on the 10th of August I received a telegram from Berlin.

Following this years victories of the Destruction of the Republican Party, the Routing of Cuckservativismβ„’, the Igniting of White Racial Consciousness, the Unmasking of (((The Media))) and the daily, relentless, online, cross platform kicking of ZOG in the balls 24/7, I was informed by Generalfeldmarschall Anglin, that the Fuhrer has appointed unto us a new task!


The ZOG Media, being the most powerful institution in the world, has utilized the mind manipulating technologies of Cultural Marxism, specifically targeting the minds of our youth, not only through education but through film and music and all aspects of cultural life.

Internationale Judentum has cast this degenerate, feral spell, choking the planet itself in a Satanic cloud.

Since 1945 our people have been locked in a occult/metapolitical battle for the Soul of Civilization itself. The youth among us in their 20s have grown knowing nothing else, yet our older members can dimly recall that things used to be different. The world before crackheads.


What White Nationalist can sit and watch his children defiled by this evil noise that passes for todays music? Or dance at a simple party with his woman to this filth? Or even allow it into his house? These jungle-ized mannerisms and stimulized appeals to base nature.

We are surrounded by millions of lost Whites dressing and acting like untermenschen, the height of obscenity and horror.

No doubt many of you have noticed that with our White people spread around the world, speaking dozens of languages, each with their own celebrated histories and sub cultures, it can be difficult to find common cultural ground. Once Christianity provided that. Today it is thankfully the ascendancy of The Emperor of Mankind Trump that White Nationalists have it again.


Therefore the Fuhrer has ordered that we do our duty, break free from our brooding, saturnine attachments and open ourselves to a new cultural vision. To unite us, irrespective of tongue, location or class.

He has sent us a Sound of Glorious Life, of Joyful Happiness, of Towering Goodness for the New Era, an exhortation of a long forgotten vision of Youth!

The Vision and Sound of a New Modernity!

Its is both retro and futuristic, in perfect balance, like matter and anti matter, like our Weltanshauung of revered past and inspiring future.


To reclaim our glorious Future….

From the Jews- that would poison it!

From the Orcs- that would plunder it!

And from the White Traitors- that have sold us into slavery!


Close your eyes and listen!

It is the sound of driving a futuristic, glistening sportscar (top down),

Through a twinkling neon cityscape,

To a space port, to catch a light ship heading to an off-world resort,

With your children and the woman you love,

Where only Whites are allowed!


National Socialists! Like Hephaestus answering Zeus’ call.

Let us fashion a new Atomic Wunder-Waffen! The likes of which the world has never seen!

To stop our enemies hearts with terror!

And reach out to our people and unite us at the ending of this Dark Age!

To burn like the Victorious Sun of our Fathers and unite all our generations and tongues.

For we are joined by it, We are ONE, under the Stars.

We are Flesh of His Flesh and Blood of His Blood!

And the same Fire that Burns in each of us, Burns in All of Us!


The Machine Gods have set us FREE!

Sieg Heil!


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And our thanks and greetings to our newest Stormer and musical genius @Cybernazi!