Fash the Nation Week 36

The Right Stuff
April 23, 2016

After a massive victory in New York and the potential for a sweep of five eastern states on Tuesday, there’s no shortage of exciting things to talk about as we sit down with Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer on another highly anticipated episode of Fash the Nation. Over the course of the fastest two hours in shitlord media, we’ll bring you up to speed on the state of the 2016 race and our predictions as we look ahead to the general election. We’ll also give you an inside look into the world of weev, from his latest printer lulz, to his journey to white nationalism, and on to discuss other various happenings. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation.

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02:00 For the Lulz

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18:00 Red-Pilling of Weev

36:00 NY/East Coast Blowout for Trump

41:00 VP Talk

46:00 General Election

59:00 The Europa Report (Written by Autolycus/Produced by Trent Holmgren)

1:08:30 Make It Rain Tubs

1:21:00 Mentions in the Media

1:31:00 Felon Voting Rights in Virginia

1:40:00 The Shitlord Economist

1:47:00 Weev’s R.A.C.E. System

1:59:30 Minutes from the Deathcamp (Written and Produced by Lauritz von Guildhausen)

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Text of the Europa Report:

Ι am Autolycus and this is the Europa Report for the past week, April 15th to April 22nd bringing you the latest news on the Continent regarding the ‘’refugee’’ crisis and other political developments.

Let us start with the usual overview of the current situation.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced that as of April 17, an estimated 178,882 nonwhite invaders had already landed in Europe this year by sea.The IOM said that the 178,882 invaders included all those who had landed in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, through April 17.

On Friday, April 15, IOM reported some 177,207 invaders had arrived in Europe via Mediterranean Sea routes, meaning that they are currently invading at the rate of 5,000 per day—a substantial increase even from the beginning of the year.

The number of estimated invaders in Greece through April 17 was 153,625, or 85 percent of the total. Italy followed with 24,581 invaders, with much lower numbers registered in Spain (648) and Cyprus (28).

The results of that great population transfer is already evident as the German cities of Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt to tip into majority nonwhite status, one of that country’s most prominent demographers has announced.

Speaking in an interview in the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, “integration expert” Jens Schneider said that Augsburg will be one of the “first major German cities where people with a migration background will form the majority population.”

The interview revealed that official statistics already show that “one in five” (that is, 20 percent) of people living in Germany “have foreign roots.”This is especially so in urban areas, Schneider said, where the proportion of “people with an immigrant background” rises exponentially.

Also there were more nonwhite invader “asylum” applications than births in Austria last year, that country’s president has announced.

In a speech Wednesday to the Council of Europe, President Heinz Fischer said there had been 88,000 “asylum” applications last year, while the number of live births was approximately 82,000.

Fischer—whose term of office ends this coming Sunday—did not point out that a large percentage of the 82,000 births will also have been from the already resident nonwhite invader population, particularly in Vienna, where there are now so many nonwhite preschool children that they have a number of Muslim-only kindergartens.

On top of that, the German government is to give nonwhite invaders preference in the job market and will legally force residential mixing in terms of a new “integration law.”

The law will artificially create 100,000 jobs which will exclusively be allocated to “refugees”—even though there are currently 1.81 million Germans who are unemployed. To enable this preferential treatment, a currently-existing law which requires employers to give preference to German job applicants will be suspended for three years—in other words, unemployed Germans will be pushed to the back of the seeking-work queue in favor of the nonwhite invaders.

Moreover, German police have arrested five patriots on terrorism charges in a series of raids aimed at an organization accused of attacking invader centers in the eastern part of Germany.

The “Freital Group” (Gruppe Freital), stands accused of being behind at least three confirmed bombings of invader centers, with plans to commit many more.

According to an official police press statement, the arrested people—four men and a woman—are accused of having formed the organization in July 2015.The police investigation claims that it “was the aim of the organization to commit bomb attacks on asylum seekers’ accommodation and the housing projects of political dissidents.”

Not to mention that, nonwhite immigration to Germany has already created at least ten major ghettoes where crime, drugs, unemployment, smashed buildings, and social welfare dependency are the norm.

The existence of these ghettoes—the likes of which are most usually associated with the Third World—has been revealed in a study by the Bild newspaper.

The Bild study said that the common characteristics to all these nonwhite ghettoes were:

1)A large number of “immigrant households or families with a migration background.”  2)A poor state of the buildings 3) A considerable portion of those with low education. 4)A high rate of unemployment 5) A high rate of welfare dependency.

In other news, the seizure of 20,000 new military uniforms—destined for ISIS in Syria—by police in Valencia, Spain, last month, has revealed the full extent of the ISIS support network amongst nonwhite invaders already legally resident in Europe.

The uniforms—five tons in all—were hidden under secondhand clothes in two supply containers seized at the city’s port, on their way to Syria.

According to transit documents, the uniforms had been sent from Saudi Arabia to Spain, but their appearance suggested they had originated in a NATO country.In addition, a quantity of fertilizer, which can be used to make explosives, was also found at another location. Seven nonwhites were arrested.

The destination on the containers was Turkey—first to the port of Mersin near Cyprus, and then, via road, to Bad al Hawa, on the other side of the Syrian border.

Also, nonwhite invaders Tuesday once again laid siege to the port of Calais in France in their attempts to force their way into Britain

The nonwhites used large branches from trees to block roads into the northern French port as officials warned they were stepping up attempts to reach Britain.

According to reports, over the past three weeks there has been a sharp increase in migrant attempts to stow away in the back of lorries which then board ferries or shuttle trains to England.

“Migrants once again attempted to slow down the traffic by placing branches on the road to obstruct lorries heading to the port of Calais,” a spokesman for authorities in the Pas-de-Calais area told the media.

“Migrants are cutting down and putting branches, and even tree trunks, on the road and they are operating simultaneously in several places.”

As far as France is concerned, over 1,000 nonwhite invaders—Eritreans, Sudanese, and Afghanis—smashed up the famous Stalingrad Metro station in northeast Paris in a drink and drug-fueled orgy over the night of April 14/15, police have reported.

The invaders—all moved by the French government from the Calais “Jungle” to Paris—started rioting after police arrested one of the nonwhites for being drunk and disorderly.

The other invaders—all of whom claim to be fleeing “war” and “violence” then attacked the police, bystanders, and finally each other in a series of massive brawls which carried on for hours.

According to the Le Parisien newspaper, the violence erupted under the open walkway which characterizes the metro station, which was opened in 1942 and renamed after the war in honor of the Soviet victory. According to Le Parisien, “investigators were still unaware Friday” of the causes of the mass violence, which saw the smashing up of the entire walkway, surrounding stalls, and many vehicles.

Across the Channel, Member of Parliament Iain Duncan Smith has claimed Prime Minister David Cameron went to President Barack Obama “on bended knee” to beg to help him “bully Britain” into voting to remain in the European Union (EU).

The revelation comes as eight former U.S. Treasury Secretaries write an open letter claiming the UK is too poor and inward looking to succeed outside of the EU, and one day before Mr. Obama is due to visit Britain to make similarly fantastical warnings.

In Norway, authorities have violated mass killer Anders Behring Breivik’s human rights by holding him in solitary confinement in a three-cell complex where he can play video games, watch TV and exercise, a court in Oslo ruled Wednesday.

In a written decision, the Oslo district court said Breivik’s solitary confinement for killing 77 people in 2011 bomb-and-gun massacres breached the European Convention on Human Rights’ ban on inhuman treatment.

“The prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment represents a fundamental value in a democratic society,” the court said. “This applies no matter what — also in the treatment of terrorists and killers.”

The ruling of the court on Wednesday cited Breivik’s isolation in two different prisons since his arrest on July 22, 2011, and the fact that he can only talk to his lawyer through a glass wall. It said authorities hadn’t given enough attention to his mental health when determining his conditions in prison.

“After an overall assessment of the facts of the case, the court has reached the conclusion that the imprisonment regime represents an inhuman treatment of Breivik,” the court said.

Lastly, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s 10-point “save the Schengen” plan, announced last Friday, is designed to undo all of Angela Merkel’s plans to flood Europe with Third Worlders—and will as such be rejected out of hand by the European Union.

The plan calls for the punishment of any EU Member State which breaks the Dublin regulation, the abolition of any plan to “distribute refugees,” and the processing of all “asylum applications” outside Europe, among other things.

According to a statement on Orbán’s website, the proposal, made at Centrist Democrat International’s meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, is “necessary because the EU is endeavoring to reform the asylum system, while Hungary’s position is that it is the [EU’s] borders that have to be protected.”

Over the next few weeks, the Hungarian government will be circulating the action plan to Visegrád countries and Prime Ministers of other EU member states, and Orbán will explain his proposals in person in Germany and in several other European countries.

That was it for this week, goys!