Fash the Nation 106: State of Disunion

McFeels & Halberstram
The Right Stuff
January 28, 2018

It’s been a rather light news week this week, so get ready for 4 hours of FTN in which we discuss Trump’s trip to Davos and the new meat tax proposed by environmentalists. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

Had ya there, didn’t I? With two major battles being fought, one against the proponents of 3rd world migration and the other against the remaining vestiges of the support apparatus that had been dutifully setup to support what would’ve been a Clinton/Obama/Deep State/J-Left oligarchy. In hour 1, we get down to brass tacks on the state of the DACA negotiations as we look ahead to Trump’s first State of the Union address as President on Tuesday 1/30. In hour 2, we connect the dots on a burgeoning deep state corruption scandal that’s been brewing for more than a year.

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Shutdown Aftermath
00:07:00 – Reeeaction
00:14:00 – Immigration Polling
00:24:00 – State of Disunion
00:55:00 – Europa Report
01:05:00 – Memorandum Mayhem
01:25:00 – Kristol v. Tucker
01:40:00 – Word of the Day


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