Fash the Nation 105: Weaponized Shutdown

McFeels & Halberstram
The Right Stuff
January 21, 2018

Once again, Fash the Nation has been vindicated on everything we’ve been saying for months on the two of the major political strategies being employed by the Trump administration related to DACA which is to 1) force a polarizing debate over immigration in an election year and, 2) if necessary, let Democrats shutdown the government over illegal immigration.

In a fight that is Trump’s to lose, it’s one on which neither he nor the House Freedom Caucus have given an inch and it’s already paying dividends, though we can’t seem to get a straight answer from Chuck Schumer on how much he’s willing to give Trump for the wall ($10? What do you need $5 for?). From imminent ICE raids in CA, to the promise of new yobs for Salvadorans in Qatar, tens of thousands of gallons of agua being scuttled across the Sonoran Desert, and beginnings made to sanitize the IT industry of its 3rd world scourge, for now many signs continue to point our way.

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Weaponized Shutdown
00:30:00 – New California
00:45:00 – Congressional Apportionment
00:60:00 – The Europa Report
01:10:00 – Muh Agua
01:25:00 – Application Denied
01:30:00 – Russian Bots
01:40:00 – Word of the Day


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