“Fash Bash”: Jews Host Film Festival Encouraging Morons to “Punch a Nazi”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2017

A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Jewish “cultural” organization called The New Inquiry hosted a film festival Saturday night in Brooklyn, intended to celebrate and encourage left-wing political violence against nationalist dissidents for the crime of engaging in the civil right to free speech. TNI was founded by Mary Borkowski, ((( Jennifer Bernstein))) and (((Rachel Rosenfelt))) as a Freudo-Marxian organization, enjoying praise and positive portrayal from New York City elites.

Once again, Jews and almost nothing but the Jews are blatantly calling on people to physically assault Richard Spencer and celebrating terrorism as a means to a valid political response when you don’t get the election result you wanted. Spencer has always tried to keep some (rapidly dwindling, hopefully) distance between himself and “anti-Semitism,” but world Jewry’s problem with the Alt-Right is not with our ideas, it’s an impersonal and strategic hatred of our entire race.  

No matter how diplomatic, civil or ethical you are, if you stand for Occidental self-defense and nationalism, power-Zionists and their slobbering barking Mastiffs will mark you for death, then host a film festival dedicated to furthering this endeavor.


It’s been a tough few months for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves politically-aligned somewhere to the left of say, Bull Connor. However, in the darkness, there’s been one spark of light and hope: that video of “white nationalist” Richard Spencer getting punched in his face. And if you want to wring all the spiritual uplift you can out of that moment in American history, I’ve got great news for you: there’s a free film festival in Brooklyn this weekend devoted solely to watching clips of Nazis getting popped.

Fash Bash: A Night of Punching Nazis on Film is the film festival of your dreams, provided you’ve had at least one dream somewhat recently that involved a Nazi getting punched.

Ava Kofman, one of the organizers of the night and an editor at The New Inquiry, told Gothamist in an email that “Fash Bash Bash is a film screening of clips from movies in which people are resisting and protesting fascism.

Some Jews in national publications offered a tepid condemnation of the sucker punch on Richard Spencer, but that is only a ruse to create a racial alibi. For example, Chuck Johnson was able to get the names of the 231 Antifa terrorists who were caught rioting and attacking random pedestrians during the Trump inauguration, and Jews are estimated to be between 1/5 and 1/4 of the people arrested – that estimate doesn’t even account for half-Jews and fake surnames!

Any Jew that posits wishy-washy condemnations of terrorism without addressing the 1,000% over-representation of their community in the ranks of the NGO financed masked crusaders is merely the above-ground wing of such groups.

On one level, we should welcome this zero-sum escalation by the Judeo-Left. The flaw of every conservative is the assumption of innocent intentions and a reciprocal social contract in political exchanges with Jews and Leftists, which the latter don’t recognize at all. When conservative forces are so weak and discredited that they can no longer restrain the national revolutionary third option, that is when real Nazis start punching back.

Popular support from the masses for the Left is an all time low, and while the corporate backers of such ideologies such as Reddit will crack down on r/AltRight while leaving r/FullCommunism, being placed on the featured shelf just isn’t enough to make-up for their crappy and bourgeois ideas.

Just like in Spain, just like in the Weimar Republic, just like the 1920s that led to the 1930s, Jews/Leftists are biting off way more than they can chew.