“Far Right” Vox Growing in Spain as People Start Beating Women and Leftists in the Street

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2018

Spain’s antibodies are strengthening its immune system. Men recently kicked the shit out of FEMEN protesters in the 43rd anniversary of General Franco’s death and now more and more people are getting interested in what the non-suicidal part of the population has to say.


I’m not a racist or a fascist,” said the 62-year-old housewife who lives in a neighborhood in the southern Spanish city of Murcia that has seen a significant community of migrants move in.I’m just here to listen to what Vox has to say about how to make our city safer. No other politicians take an interest in how to defend our home.”

Come on now, it’s current year. Defending your home makes you racist.

Neglected, working-class suburbs and rural areas with high unemployment are where the Euroskeptic, anti-feminist and staunchly patriotic party is trying to enlist support that could lift it out of the shadows in a country that has been slow to embrace the extreme right.


There’s high unemployment areas in Spain?

But… but… they told me all these migrant refugee bearded-children were going there to work…

Vox politicians are frequently ridiculed by mainstream media for their defense of everything Spanish, from bullfighting to the monarchy, and nostalgia for historical events — such as the 15th-century ousting of Muslims from the Kingdom of Castile and the colonization of the American continent.

“All the liberal-minded leftists already do it in their mansions. They first look through the peephole before opening the door,” he said. “We want to do the same in what is Spanish people’s private property: our country.

Movements like ours,” he said, “are going to become permanent in Western societies.”


Beating women is slowly coming back to fashion, too, which will make everything go smoother because women wet themselves when you hit them, and orgasm when you rape them.

As you can see, they get off on all that kicking.

She’s ready now.

They’re also beating antifa-leftist-communist-type faggots too.

People are waking up.