Far-Right Neo-Nazi Vigilante Groups Patrolling Streets in German Town

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2019


Germany’s immune system is now reacting stronger than before. Will it be able to prevail and save its country on its own?

The Independent:

Far-right vigilante groups have reportedly started patrolling the streets of a German town after four asylum seekers allegedly attacked pedestrians over the weekend.

So-called “neighbourhood defence groups”, sent by the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), had been seen patrolling in yellow vests in Amberg, the town’s mayor told local newspaper Mittelbayerische Zeitung. 

“I can completely understand the insecurity that some people in Amberg are feeling right now,” mayor Michael Cerny said. “But this hatred and the threats of violence now coming from all over the country go too far.”

If you keep pouring brown fuel into the hate-machine you can’t expect different, can you?

It came in response to an incident in which teenage asylum seekers allegedly assaulted passers-by on Saturday night in the Bavarian town. 

Four apparently intoxicated Afghan and Iranian teenagers were arrested, suspected of assaulting people near the town’s train station. Twelve people aged 17-42 were reportedly injured, including a man who was hospitalised after he was pushed down a flight of stairs, witnesses to the incident said.

Checking if migrants are actually intoxicated is racist, so they have to go with “apparently intoxicated.”

Besides, they don’t really want to perform tests on those migrant teenagers, lest people discover “migrant teens” are actually 40-years-old.

Officials have said it is not legally possible to deport the suspects, but authorities want to change that.

Of course. Germany’s leaders are actively working against their people. They want to destroy real Germans, which are white, and pimp their land to the brown hordes.

Bavaria’s conservative governor condemned the alleged attacks, but also denounced far-right attempts to exploit it.

I mean… sure, diversity causing deaths and injuring people all over the country is bad but you know what would make the situation worse? Right-wingers using that fact to further their anti-diversity and therefore anti-death an anti-injuring agenda.

On Thursday, police said they were looking into far-right claims of local militia groups being set up, but as yet had no concrete evidence.

This is a tricky situation. On the one hand, “neo-Nazi National Democratic Party organizing neighborhood patrols” sounds like wiggerism. On the other hand, they’re already getting raped by their governments and inaction would only worsen the situation.

Add to that the fact that sometimes the calling to form Right Wing Death Squads is too loud to ignore, and you get a crafting recipe for a very diverse blood-soup painting for the streets.

Whether those streets will turn red or not is something we’re yet to discover.