Fanatical PewDiePie Supporters Hold Candlelight Vigil for Ebba Akerlund

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2019

After PewDiePie expressed his support for Brenton Tarrant and his stylish mosque tour, people looked into Brenton’s manifesto and learned about Ebba Akerlund.

Now people all over the world are mourning her.


A steady stream of mourners paid tribute Sunday at a makeshift memorial to the 50 people slain by a gunman at two mosques in Christchurch, while dozens of Muslims stood by to bury the dead when authorities finally release the victims’ bodies.

Hundreds of flowers were piled up amid candles, balloons and notes of grief and love outside the Al Noor mosque. As a light rain fell, people clutched each other and wept quietly.

They even left flowers where she was killed by that truck:

This mother was lost in her thoughts, probably thinking how it could have been her daughter instead of Ebba:

White people are mourning one of their own, for once.

PewDiePie bringing attention to the mosque shooting reignited the memory of our people. Now we remember.

Brenton Tarrant avenged Ebba Akerlund, and now she can finally rest.

Pictures of Brenton’s home have been released.

Daily Mail:

The Dunedin home where accused terrorist Brenton Tarrant allegedly planned his massacre and wrote his sickening manifesto is a modest rental house with sparse furnishings.

Police descended on the Anderson’s Bay property, located four-and-half hours south of Christchurch, hours after the shooting Friday night, as nearby residents were evacuated.

Tarrant, 28, had rented the $280 per week house for the last two years, and was planning to move out in mid-March.

Photos obtained by Daily Mail Australia show the interior of the nondescript home which cost $280 per week, according to a listing.

This was on one of his walls:

After PewDiePie endorsed Brenton’s actions, millions of young men realized that the spirit of the white man is not crushed.

The spirit of the white man is not defeated.

One normal man who decided to train on his own and to sacrifice his future so his people could have a future was all it took for these millions of young men to understand that the blood of the warriors of the past still runs through our veins.

Moslems will never look at a white man the same way. They’ll know, deep inside, that he could be another wolf.

They’ll know that the white man they’re looking at could be what ends them.

The closer that white man gets to them, the more they’ll fear hearing the words once uttered by Brenton.