Famous Dutch Columnist Goes Full Nazi

September 19, 2015


A famous Dutch comedian and columnist just went full Nazi – most likely without realizing it, as the common perception here is that Nazis soap and lampshade Jews and keep their shrunken heads as a relic for whatever, or something.

In reaction, or actually in perfect, PERFECT addition to Geert Wilders’ HOR speech, Mr. Youp van ‘t Hek wrote the following column in Dutch language today, and it perfectly, PERFECTLY outlines the core of society’s problem, in my most humblest opinion. It is the most excellent, actual reproduction of the Nazi ideology I’ve read in a long long time. Like Hitler, Mr. Van ‘t Hek seems to have woken up to the true nature of the West’s most urgent issue: White men making weak ridiculous fools of themselves, leading to out of control women.

And Hitler acted.

Here is the translation of Mr. Van ‘t Hek’s column in today’s NRC newspaper:

Testosterone Bombs

Because football is broadcast on different channels all the time, I zapped, while searching for the match between Roma and Barcelona, ​​through a number of channels that I normally never watch. The moronic cousins of ​​RTL4. Suddenly I saw the son of [tv presenter and actor] Ron Brandsteder with a to me unknown lady presenting a program that I will not forget anytime soon.

I watched the finale of the program. Four men were standing besides a container of yogurt. The first took a bite, spat the yogurt from his mouth into the open mouth of number two, who then spat it in the mouth of number three spat. This person passed the yogurt on to number four in the same way, and number four spat the yogurt in a bowl. This bowl was standing on a kitchen scales, and if the guys within a certain period of time had spit 500 grams of yogurt in the bowl, they would receive 25,000 euros. There was a wild screaming audience. I was home alone and thought I should record this program, because otherwise no one would believe me when I’d tell I really saw this with my very eyes. What kind of men were they? They were the types that one sometimes can see crossing Amsterdam on a beer bike in the weekends.

And I wondered: do the refugees know about this? Do they know that they are travelling to a country where people have this kind of fun? Isn’t it our job to make them aware of this, so that they can return before it is too late?

On another channel I saw our own bleached little Geert putting himself in an impossible position. It was quite tragic to see how the man was holding on to a point of view that even [Dutch newspaper] De Telegraaf and the German newspaper Bild would be ashamed of. It even looked like he felt a little bit ashamed himself. Ashamed of his own empty words, which he simply had adopted at a certain point and for that reason had to repeat them like a mantra. Just because he had obliged himself to do so.

I zapped to another channel and later on I read in the newspapers that Wilders had spewed something about the danger of men with beards, claiming that they are the testosterone bombs that are a danger to our women. Seriously, a danger to our women? A danger to our men would be more correct.

I live in a part of Amsterdam where, according to [Dutch newspaper] Het Parool there is a huge surplus of women. Women of childbearing age, to be more precise. Fertile women who are on Tinder every day till their fingers hurt, in the hope to one day drag The One to their house. The One is the father of their future children. Their biological clock is ticking relentlessly. Recently I heard two beautiful women in her late thirties nearby a pub complain about the dull Dutch men. Dishwasher-tidying wimps. The ladies were so excited about the hordes of refugees that are coming our way.

The most beautiful sighed: “They are tough, slim, smart, they have experienced something, they don’t have that fussy hipster mattress underneath their chin but a real beard, they are looking at you with lust in their eyes which makes you feel a woman again, and they are adventurers! They want to make something of their future!” “And according to Geert they are not only adventurers, but also testosterone bombs”, the other one laughed. “If there is something that I could use…” Then they asked me where they could find the most refugees. I guessed at Nijmegen. There they have the best blister picks [because of the famous four-day walk of Nijmegen] and those boys would be in desperate need of that after their long walk. The ladies immediately left. I guess to their “wise men of the east”!

And I fear that hundreds of other young single women also will travel to the tent camps in the hope that they will finally find their spouse. Just the fact that these men do not give a hoot about football definitely works in their favour.

I think that this is the real fear of little Geert and his cronies. There is fresh blood in the form of thousands of beautiful young men with an oriental temperament. And the average PVV’er cannot compete with that. What they are good at is lying on the couch with their obese bodies while watching their ilk spitting yogurt in each other’s mouth, encouraged by the son of Ron Brandsteder and a cheering crowd.

The craving women are done with this type of men. They want an Iraqi, a Kurd, or a Syrian. And they quietly drool over the beautiful children that those kind of combinations would bring about. What a wonderful future!”

There are, in my most humblest opinion, a few misconceptions, but I am quite sure that they are there just for comic relief, as Van ‘t Hek is a comedian as well. In the end this week’s salute most definitely goes to Mr. Youp van ‘t Hek.

Heil Youp.