Famous Disney Child Sex Abuse Victim Sings to Heal Ghost’s Sexist Trauma

Demi was obviously one of these Disney satanic child sex slaves, like poor Britney.

I feel bad for her.

We all feel bad for her.

And at this point, she’s gotten so weird, that it would be kind of hard to claim she’s having a negative effect on society. She is basically a billboard advertisement for the fact that Walt Disney Studios is a Jewish child rape assembly line.


A bizarre video clip shows singer Demi Lovato serenading a ghost in an abandoned brothel, in an effort to help the spirit resolve its past “trauma.” The singer claimed the ghost gave her a “standing ovation.”

In a clip taken from Lovato’s television show, ‘Unidentified with Demi Lovato’, the singer visits an abandoned brothel in Arizona, allegedly a hotspot for paranormal activity. Working with friend Matthew Scott and paranormal investigator Chris Smith, the trio set up an electromagnetic field detector, a device that supposedly beeps when in the presence of ghosts.

Lovato soon determines that a spirit named ‘Carmen’ is present, and figures out that the ghost doesn’t want to reveal any more in the presence of “the boys,” due to past “trauma.”

When the men leave the room, Lovato tells the ghost “I have trauma too,” before the two men encourage her to sing for the ghost.

After Lovato belts out a few bars of her 2011 hit ‘Skyscraper’, the machine emits a long buzz, which the singer takes as applause.

The clip was broadcast several months ago, but went viral in recent days. Not everyone was as blown away by the experience as Lovato, however. “This woman needs a circle of supportive people in her life, not another camera in her face while she’s going through a manic episode,” one commenter on YouTube wrote.

Poor bitch.

You know I hate women, but what these Disney kikes do to these little girls – that hits me in the feels.

Bella Thorne’s comments really got to me.

Basically, every single Disney child star was sexually abused long before puberty.

None of the Jews involved in this are ever punished for any of it.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Manson’s life is destroyed because grown women who purposefully dated the world’s most infamous shock rocker couldn’t have imagined that he might engage in unhealthy behavior patterns.

“He seemed really normal and nice. How was I to know he would act weird?”

Harvey Weinstein is put in prison for having sex with his girlfriend because it is impossible for a woman to consent to have sex with a fat, ugly ogre.

And of course, a CNN producer establishing a child sex ring with children as young as 9 is not an important story.

Ronan Farrow has a special place in hell for ignoring this entire Disney child sex scandal while getting Weinstein thrown in prison for trading sexual favors for contracts worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

He didn’t get much done about the fact that his Jew dad has sex with a six-year-old either, did he?

Woody Allen has released three (3) feature theatric films since Farrow crucified Harvey.

Honestly, I’d have 100x more respect for Farrow if he just came out and said “well, my dad makes much better movies than Weinstein. By getting Weinstein thrown in prison, we could have avoided another Good Will Hunting or Shakespeare in Love. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the first Tarantino film not to involve Weinstein?”

Just be real, Ronan, you little faggot.

Say you don’t care about the fact that Disney is a Jewish child molestation factory or that your dad had sex with a six-year-old and your only real goal is stopping these horrible Weinstein films.

Just be real.