Famous Actor Dies of Coronavirus

Another brave hero has fallen to this deadly plague, as we are once again reminded why it is that we must stay locked in our houses forever.

Fox News:

Sam Lloyd — best known for portraying lawyer Ted Buckland on the sitcom “Scrubs” — has died, his agent confirmed to Fox News on Friday. He was 56.

The statement did not indicate when he died.

In January 2019, Lloyd was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after his wife Vanessa gave birth to their first child together — a son named Weston, according to a GoFundMe page for the late actor. Doctors also found that the cancer had metastasized from his lungs and spread to his spine, jaw and liver, per the page, which was created by “Scrubs” executive producer Tim Hobert.

Yes, unlike the normal flu, coronavirus is known to ravage those with brain tumors.

I cannot believe that with so much death, there are still so many far-right conspiracy theorists thinking that they should be allowed to leave their houses.

Do they want to die?

If they want to die, I think the government should start obliging them. I say that the police should start using live ammo on these protesters.

I ask that you all take a moment to remember the famous actor Ted Buckham, and give all of your money to his nigger wife’s GoFundMe. If anyone deserves your money, it is the nigger wives of Hollywood actors who have been stricken dead as a doornail by coronavirus.

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