Family of “Scottish” ISIS Bride in Tears Their Innocent Teen Embarked on Desert CockQuest

Daily Stormer
February 28, 2015

This is a video from last year of CNN interviewing the parents of a “Scottish” girl who embarked on Desert CockQuest.

Just look at how they paint this girl as some sort of victim.  It’s the same thing they are going with the three recent “British” seekers of terror-penis.  What utter gibberish it is.  These girls must have seen the videos of ISIS chopping heads and crucifying people, or they wouldn’t even know what ISIS is, but someone their desire to go get laid by them is the fault of Western society, and a responsibility we are supposed to take on ourselves to deal with.

This in itself demonstrates just how ridiculous modern cultural Marxism is.  Even the sexual escapades of brown girls are somehow Whitey’s fault.