Famed Ecologist Says Evil Gooks Caused the Coronavirus by Eating Wild Animals

Thomas Lovejoy holding a bird

A couple weeks ago, claiming that the Chinese caused the coronavirus by eating wild animals was pure racism. Absolutely evil hatred for the width of the eyes.

Now, the anti-gook ecology man is writing the narrative for The Guardian.

Funny how things change so quickly these days. It’s almost like there is no acknowledgement of the existence of an objective reality at all.

The Guardian:

The vast illegal wildlife trade and humanity’s excessive intrusion into nature is to blame for the coronavirus pandemic, according to a leading US scientist who says “this is not nature’s revenge, we did it to ourselves”.

Scientists are discovering two to four new viruses are created every year as a result of human infringement on the natural world, and any one of those could turn into a pandemic, according to Thomas Lovejoy, who coined the term “biological diversity” in 1980 and is often referred to as the godfather of biodiversity.

“This pandemic is the consequence of our persistent and excessive intrusion in nature and the vast illegal wildlife trade, and in particular, the wildlife markets, the wet markets, of south Asia and bush meat markets of Africa… It’s pretty obvious, it was just a matter of time before something like this was going to happen,” said Lovejoy, a senior fellow at the United Nations Foundation and professor of environment science at George Mason University.

His comments were made to mark the release of a report by the Center for American Progress arguing that the US should step up efforts to combat the wildlife trade to help confront pandemics.

Wet markets are traditional markets selling live animals (farmed and wild) as well as fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, often in unhygienic conditions. They are found all over Africa and Asia, providing sustenance for hundreds of millions of people. The wet market in Wuhan believed to be the source of Covid-19 contained a number of wild animals, including foxes, rats, squirrels, wolf pups and salamanders.

Lovejoy said separating wild animals from farmed animals in markets would significantly lower the risk of disease transmission. This is because there would be fewer new species for viruses to latch on to. “[Domesticated animals] can acquire these viruses, but if that’s all there was in the market, it would really lower the probability of a leak from a wild animal to a domesticated animal.”

He told the Guardian: “The name of the game is reducing certain amounts of activity so the probability of that kind of leap becomes small enough that it’s inconsequential. The big difficulty is that if you just shut them down – which in many ways would be the ideal thing – they will be topped up with black markets, and that’s even harder to deal with because it’s clandestine.”

The pandemic will cost the global economy $1tn this year, according to the World Economic Forum, with vulnerable communities impacted the most, and nearly half of all jobs in Africa could be lost. “This is not nature’s revenge, we did it to ourselves. The solution is to have a much more respectful approach to nature, which includes dealing with climate change and all the rest,” Lovejoy said.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but the Chinese have been eating everything that moves for a very, very long time, and we didn’t have any “pandemic virus.”

Prince Philip was called a racist for saying this in 1986. It 2020, the most liberal paper on earth prints the same sentiment as environmentalism.

The good news is, we don’t have a pandemic virus now. We have a lunatic mass hysteria created by the international virologist conspiracy and the Jewish media.

But hey – people like to blame Chinese dog-eaters for things, so I’m sure this narrative will stick, and no one will call them racists. “Racism” against Asians has always been tedious, given that they have similar IQs to whites, meaning they have basic competence. The “racism” narrative is mostly about “these people are pathetic and you don’t feel bad enough for them.”

Plus, Chinese themselves hate black people, which makes the narrative confusing. The US is now drumming up the idea that China abuses black people with meanness, and that is easier to make stick than “racism against Chinese.”

As far as this only costing $1 trillion and half the population losing their jobs only in Africa – that is a narrative that is not going to stick, and these articles saying goofy stuff like that are not going to age well.

This is going to cost the global economy $50 trillion. In fact, the numbers become meaningless, because there’s not going to be a way to measure it with all of this new money being printed.

And it is definitely not going to be poor nations that are hit the hardest. In poor countries, people can go back to the farm and sit around. There is going to be fifty percent unemployment in America and most of the rest of the West.

It is simply incredible the way the media is downplaying the economic fallout while actually continuing to play up the virus hoax, even though we already have the data showing that all of these doom predictions were wrong.

I wonder when they’re going to let people know how bad things really are?