Falun Gong Cult Retard Leaks Hunter Biden Sex Pics, All Adult Women

“I was going to vote for Joe Biden, then I saw that picture of his 40-something adult son getting a footjob from a black prostitute, so I decided to vote for Donald Trump instead” is not a sentence you would ever expect to hear and it is not a sentence you ever will hear.

Apparently, Steve Bannon and his weirdo Falun Gong freak cultists who are his only friends thought that sentence was a sentence someone would say, so they dumped all of the sex pictures from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

I’m not going to post the sex pictures or videos. There are a lot of them, with different women. All of the women are clearly adults. He just looks like a normal guy with money who goes around partying and having sex with different women. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

All of these MAGA people, and Alex Jones, were going on and on about how there were underage girls. There aren’t any underage girls in any of these pictures. Even if there were: what would that have to do with Joe Biden?

There is a reason that the New York Post didn’t release these sex pictures: they didn’t want a pointless sex scandal to distract from the real scandal, which is Hunter Biden getting jobs at companies that pay him six and seven figures for access to his father. We have emails confirming all of that. Hunter Biden’s sex life is not relevant to that. I won’t speculate as to why Steve Bannon and his chinks think it is. I suspect Steve’s brain is totally shot, and his chinks are just generally confused.

Here’s the thing: some large portion of the audience at the debate, according to several polls, didn’t know what Trump was talking about when he mentioned Hunter Biden’s laptop. Now, if they see this, they’re going to think Trump was complaining at the presidential debate about his opponent’s son getting footjobs from hookers. That makes Trump look petty and ridiculous.

In fact, just leaking these photos at all makes Trump look petty and ridiculous. Basically, whatever Hunter Biden did, his privacy has been violated for no explainable reason, and people generally think that is gross. I’m not saying I care, but a lot of people are going to say, “why would you publish these photos? You think people are going to vote against Joe Biden because of his son’s sex life? What is wrong with you?”

People are trying to spin this. They’re saying, “maybe these adult women are actually children, somehow?” There are people on /pol/ saying that one of the women is his sister. The actual reality: there is no scandal here. There are just pictures of a rich guy having sex with prostitutes. It doesn’t make it seem less sleazy that the sex tapes all begin and end with propaganda about bringing democracy to China.

There is literally no political angle to these photos. I guess you could say: “he can afford some really nice hookers, where is he getting the money for these hookers?” But that’s really a stretch. We should have kept the conversation on the corruption, which was directly linked to Joe Biden, but Steve Bannon decided to go ahead and make the entire discussion about sex photos.

Great work, Steve.

Not actually.

Actually, this thing OAN is doing is better.