False Flaggot Trump Literally Believes Starting a War with Iran, Killing Tens of Thousands of Americans, Will Win Him 2020

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2019

“We know Iran did it” – Trump on the false flag hoax.

Donald Trump has no friends. People think he’s a loser, and after he did that thing where he said he was going to force Africans to fuck each other up the ass, many people suspect he is not only gay, but gay for Africans. He also has weird orange skin and this makes people uncomfortable.

Even his former BFF Sarah Sanders has abandoned him, because she thinks he’s just too fucked up and weird to be friends with.

Because he has no friends, he can only hang out with the putrid fat bastard Mike Pompeo, the nuzzling weasel John Bolton and his disgusting Jew son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

These people are telling him that he’s going to lose the election. Which is apparently what his own internal polls say.

Think Progress:

ABC News on Friday published the results of an internal poll conducted by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in March, a survey that Trump himself denied even existed.

The poll found Trump trailing Joe Biden by huge margins in states he carried in 2016, including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In Texas, which has voted for Republican presidents by wide margins for the last 43 years, Trump holds just a two point edge against the former vice president.

The existence of the poll and its damning findings were first reported by the New York Times earlier this week. It aligns closely with several independent surveys which have consistently found Trump trailing virtually every Democratic presidential contender in head-to-head matchups, findings which Trump himself has repeatedly denied. He also suggested the very existence of internal polling was a fabrication, and when that was proven to be a lie, instructed his staff to deny the results.

It’s obvious that he will lose. Because his own base hates him now, more than liberals ever did. Particularly because he brought in more immigrants than ever in history.

NBC News:

Border Patrol officers encountered more than 144,000 undocumented immigrants at the southwest border in May, the largest monthly total in 13 years, officials said Wednesday.

More than 132,000 were stopped while crossing the border illegally; the rest presented themselves at legal ports of entry, Customs and Border Protection officials said.

May marked the third month in a row that more than 100,000 immigrants were taken into custody at the border amid a surge of migrants heading north in large groups from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Basically, no one is going to bother to go vote.

So the fat man and the Jew came up with a plan: start a war with Iran, and people will vote Trump.

So they did this weird fake attack on boats in the Gulf.

No one believes it’s real. Not even Japan, who owned one of the boats. The UN isn’t endorsing the Trump theory.


US President Donald Trump has dismissed Iran’s insistence it had no involvement with the attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Mr Trump cited footage that Washington says shows Iranian forces in a small boat taking an unexploded mine off the hull of one of the ships.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the truth needed to be “clearly established”.

Russia has warned against drawing “hasty conclusions”.

Unfortunately, no one is stating the obvious: that whoever did do it wanted it to look like Iran did it, and the only nations that would want that are Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States, which are for all intents and purposes a singular entity.

But it won’t really matter who believes what when the war starts, will it?

I don’t know the numbers, but it seems there will have to be a draft, if he’s planning an actual ground invasion.

They will need at least a million soldiers. And tens of thousands will die. It will pretty much be the end of American global hegemony. And it could turn into a world war with Russia and China pretty easily.

But hey, the important thing is: will it get Trump a second term?

I don’t know – probably?

I guess?

Usually, presidents who are in a war get a second term.

It would be one thing if Bernie Sanders was the nominee, and he was calling for an end to the war. But Bernie won’t be the nominee. It will be someone saying “I’ll fight the war – BETTER.”

But who knows – maybe if Trump starts the war before the Democrat primaries, the Democrats will nominate an anti-war candidate.

But is the Democrat electorate even against a war with Iran? I don’t even know.

They might like it. They seem to like everything else they used to be against.

They’re definitely not for free speech anymore. Because Nazis can’t have freedoms.

And they’re big fans of multinational corporations. Because corporations like killing babies and stuff.

So maybe if the media says the Iran war is about like, liberating women or whatever, then they’ll just go along with it.

VICE is ready to go with that narrative, for all the cool kids.

One thing is for sure: whatever happens from this point on is going to be way more insane than the stuff that’s already happened. More insane than all of it, combined.

Thanks, Donald.

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